Monday, November 19, 2012

The Next Day.

On Sunday morning, following the infamous contamination birthday party, Bryan went to church, and I stayed home with my sweet babes. I was the first one up, and went downstairs to grab a cup of coffee, and reflect on the night before. I was so thankful that my boy was able to sleep through the night without a vomiting incident. I prayed for the health of my little loves and also for that of our friends and family.

One by one, they woke up. I listened for crying, or running to the bathroom, or moaning. But I heard laughter and happy noises. Three smiling faces and three hungry bellies came downstairs. We all gave Grady big "Happy Birthday"s and hugs. I asked him what he wanted for breakfast (still a little unsure about his sick belly) and he answered "the special birthday plate". So I fed him a plate. Just kidding. We stuck with a waffle and a banana, without any problem. I'm praying that Saturday night was the end of The Buckman Family stomach bug. So far, so good.

Happy 4th Birthday, Grady Bryan!

A waffle smile.

After breakfast, there was a big pile of presents for him to open and play with, from on the night before. If I'm not able to go to church, it sure is fun to be stuck at home with three happy kids and a big pile of new toys!

The chickens: We love our girls. We've had Henrietta and Lucille since April, and have raised them since they were days old. They are sweet as can be, they come when they're called, and they each give us five eggs a week. But they poop constantly, and everywhere. Right now, they roam all over the backyard and porch. And several times a day, we have to go out and clean off the porch, so that we aren't all stepping in poop. It's gross. And we're over it. And at some point in the future we would love to sell our house and move. But the last time I checked, chicken poop was not a huge selling feature.

We've been preparing the kids for a while, but this was the day. Bryan loaded up the chickens, and gave the kids one last chicken talk. He explained all the reasons that they needed to go, and the kids were fine.

Our friends Matt and Deanna live nearby, and have enough land for chickens and horses. They currently have 4 chickens and 1 rooster, 2 horses and a rottweiler. They gladly accepted our sweet girls, and we were so happy to have a nice place to send them. This is the "coup-mahal", built by Matt.

The kids did absolutely fine leaving them there, however I found myself getting emotional over it on the way home. Bryan called me a "big baby" and that made me laugh. And a few things made the drop off a little easier. 1.) Deanna periodically sends me pictures of my girls making friends, and nesting in their new coop. 2.) Our friends agreed to give the girls back to us (if they are still alive)when our farm is ready.  3.) When we got home I walked into my kitchen, and looked out onto the back porch, and smiled. No poop.

Since Grady missed dinner at his party the night before, (and since we had plenty of leftovers since nobody really got to eat much) we had hotdogs and baked beans for dinner, followed by birthday cupcakes.

Oh my sweet four year old.
He is so loved, so needed, and such an important part of our family.
And this mama loves him SO much!

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  1. I was wondering how you all were doing "the day after" and so glad to hear nobody else is sick!
    Happy Birthday to Grady!