Friday, November 9, 2012

Some things we love...

This is a "Some things we love" post, which basically means that it has no real point or direction, just in case you get to the end and are wondering...
1. Friends.
I love friends from England, friends from work, and friends that invite my kids and I over for a chili dinner on a chilly night, when my husband is at work.


2. Trips to visit Bryan at the fire station.
The other morning he forgot his lunch, and we were more than happy to take it to him. He gave us a ride around the parking lot in the truck, and let us talk to each other in the headphones.

Oh, how I love this man!

It doesn't matter if they've seen it before, they love seeing those hydraulic tools in action.

And they love the bucket.

3. Well behaved children.
I love that when I needed to see the dentist (kinda spur of the moment), and the receptionist offered to watch my kids, I could feel pretty sure that they would behave themselves. We took books and toys, and school stuff for Bella, and they rocked it... mostly. There was a "pirate ship" that Lilly had the hardest time keeping their hands off of. But other than that, they rocked it. What a blessing they are to this mama!

The pirate ship calls... she knows she shouldn't touch it. What will she do?

4. Funny kids.
I love funny kids, because they make me laugh. I walked past the stairs, looked up and saw this...'s Indiana Barkley!

 5. Hot cocoa.
Since the kids were so well behaved at the dentists office, I told them that we would have a special treat after dinner that night. It was chilly outside, so I made grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner, as requested by Bella, and then after dinner we made hot cocoa with marshmallows. And the people rejoiced.


And I think that's all for now.


  1. And I love you & your family...and your blog, so I can watch your family from far away! ♡

    1. I love (and miss) you and your family too Sher!! Thanks! :o)