Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"Is it December yet?"

This past Sunday, we stopped at the mailbox on the way home from church, and found a special package waiting for the kids. We took it home, and opened it right away.
My grandmother sent chocolate advent calenders for each of them. I think they were hoping that I would just let them eat all 24 pieces straight away, which would NEVER happen. The mystery and suspense of searching for the next box, and seeing what it holds each morning, is entirely worth the wait. 
So now they have been asking every morning if it's December yet...

That afternoon, we decided to ask our sweet friends if we could come and visit our chickens. We were all so excited to see them. The kids chattered the whole way there, wondering if they would be recognized, if the girls would come when we called them and if they still liked corn...

We pulled in, and the girls were in the back pasture, so we proceeded with our experiment. We called them "Peep, peep, peep, peeeep. Henry, Lucie". Those sisters came RUNNING (like full force, no non-sense, RUNNING) straight to us. And we jumped with excitement.

 Oh, they are such sweet chickens. And the kids were overjoyed with their welcome.

After all of the holding and carrying around, they were probably ready to see us go. I think they only love us for our corn, but that's ok. These girls below, are some of their new friends.
The big kids spent a little time running around the pasture chasing the chickens, while the little girls made mud soup. They collected eggs, watched the horses run, and overall just had a super fun afternoon. Thanks Magees for being wonderful and letting us come hang out!
It was so good for the children (and for me) to see them doing so well there. They are obviously right at home and well taken care of.
Moving on...
We have laminated Bible verses all around the house to help us keep The Word fresh in our minds. Bella has taken a liking to this one, and has been reciting it every night before bed. When I came home from work last night, I found her own written version laying on the kitchen table next to mine. She even copied the heart.

And tonight we rocked a hot dog cookout with friends. I made Pumpkin Pie Dump Cake for dessert. This may be the only time that "dump" sounds like something positive. Anyway, it was SO good, and SO easy (even for a non-baker like me!).

 Happy Wednesday to ya!

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  1. Thanks again Sweet Girlie! I got some not good news yesterday and I've been a bit down. This made my heart warm and my face smile!!!