Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I feel a party comin' on!

This coming Sunday, our boy turns FOUR! So in proper Buckman fashion, we started celebrating a week early. This is a normal occurrence for us, and we love it!

My parents came over to watch the kids for me this weekend, so I could go to a baby shower. My mom brought Grady's birthday presents, along with pumpkin bread, sparkling cider and birthday candles. I think she secretly likes to just have her own little party and celebration with the kids, since they are always wild and crazy and distracted at their birthday parties. And I oblige, because this girl loves to celebrate (and um, drink sparkling cider out of fancy glasses).

He has been asking for a cast net for months now, and my mama was so eager to give it to him. He opened that gift last, and was so excited once he realized what it was. And now, he is on a mission to catch everything in the house in his net... his sisters, the dogs, my shoes...

This weekend, we had a little chili dinner get together at our house. The kids destroyed the playroom had a fun time playing. And I had fun watching them. They are creative, and smart, and sweet, and funny. The messes are temporary, but the relationships are lasting.

Bella has been relishing the time she gets to hold babies.

 And now I must get back to the business of preparing a birthday party.
Woot woot!

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