Thursday, November 29, 2012

How to: Goldfish Soap

This year, for Grady's birthday party favors, we made Goldfish Soap.

What you'll need:
-Glycerin Soap (We got ours at Micheal's. It was $25 for 5 lbs. and then we used a coupon.)
-Plastic Goldfish (We got the at Oriental Trading, $10 for 144 fish.)
-A small spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol
-A microwave-safe container with a handle, and a spout for pouring
-A large bowl
-A funnel
-A cutting board
-A sharp knife
-Cellophane bags and ribbon or ties
-2 chopsticks or skewers
-Essential oils (optional)
-2 little helpers (optional)

First, cut the soap into manageable pieces, and put them into your microwaveable container with a handle and a spout. Start off small, until you know how much you can keep up with.

Microwave until it is just completely melted.

If you have essentials oils, and want to add them, this would be the time. The glycerin (by itself) is great for kids, as it is detergent, fragrance and tear free. If you add the oils, I would not give it to small children.

Next, roll the top of your bag down, and place into a bowl full of ice water. This bowl should have been full of ice. Then have your little helper hold the sides of the bag up, as you pour your melted glycerin into the bag. Use the funnel, and try your best to keep it off the sides of the bag. There will be little bubbles on the surface. Spray them once or twice with alcohol, and they will disappear.

Hold it in the ice for a minute or two, then with your chopsticks, hold the fish in the middle of the glycerin, until the soap is firm. This process moves VERY slowly, so don't feel rushed to get the fish in right away, or you will be holding it for A LONG time. Tell your helper to get a drink while you wait.

When they are completely firm, they are done. You can make the "water" a deep as you want. I knew little hands would be holding these, so I didn't want to make them huge.

Then tie your ribbon, and your done!


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