Sunday, November 11, 2012

Generosity abounds.

This morning at church we celebrated our Operation Christmas Child dedication Sunday. OCC is a ministry of Franklin Graham's, that takes Christmas gifts and the message of Christ's love to children all over the world. Many of these children have never received a gift, and have nothing to call their own. So needless to say, this is a ministry that Bryan and I were excited to work with, and enjoyed getting to be part of.

At the end of the service, we sang "Children of God" by Third Day and the children filed through the auditorium carrying shoeboxes to the front of the room, packed for children around the world.

I think Lilly may have been sad that she didn't get to carry a shoebox. Thankfully, Miss Melissa found a box for her. I absolutely love the beautiful smile in the picture below. It's one of those genuine smiles that comes from the heart.

After they delivered the boxes to the front of the room, they joined us on the stage to sing the part of the song.

As soon as Lilly walked onto the stage, she came over and said "up peez", which was fine, and I kind of expected it. What I did not expect, was for my son to walk over to Bryan, get up on the drum platform, pick up the extra drums sticks, and actually try to play- in the middle of the song. Sigh...

Bella had been practicing her part all week. She asked me to make her a sign to hang on her door that read "Do not disturb. Bella is practicing her song". And sister was ready.

After the service, we loaded the boxes into the car, and they will make their way to the packaging site this week. We are so excited for the opportunity to share God's love with complete strangers who will never know us, but will know that they are loved.

**A very special "THANK YOU" to those of you that participated this year. And we sure appreciate the generous gifts of family and friends. Thank you Tasha Dismeyer for taking pictures for me!**

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