Thursday, November 1, 2012

Freedom and The Fifties

Yesterday we exercised our right to vote. We took the kids and tried to teach them about the freedoms we enjoy in this country, and the sacrifices that brought them. We talked about the freedom in Christ that we have, and the ultimate sacrifice that brought it.

I talked with Bella about the fact that until 1919, and the 19th amendment, women weren't allowed to vote, and how it took years of women fighting, marching, writing, petitioning and picketing to achieve this right. We talked about how voting is something we need to put thought into, and be educated in our choices. And my sweet big girl can't wait until she's old enough to vote for herself.

From there, we continued on to our 5th annual Halloween tradition. Since Bella was a baby, we have been going to my in-laws house for dinner and trick-or-treating. There are only like 15 or 20 houses in the neighborhood, and very little traffic. It's perfect for our little family. Bryan's parents and sister and her husband, go with us, and all the neighbors know each other, so we stand around and chat for a few minutes at each house. It's like a little social event. And they hand out RIDICULOUS amounts of candy.

And the kids dressed fifties style this year. I had a "poodle skirt girl", a greaser, and a poodle. 

And we have super EXCITING news!
Bryan's beautiful sister Brittany and her husband Eric are expecting a baby girl in April!
And we can hardly wait!
The kids started out trick-or-treating on the 4-wheeler, but quickly ended up on the wagon. 
And Grady wanted to know if the bear had a baby in its belly too.

When I said ridiculous, this is what I meant. The picture below is after our FOURTH house.

After we acquired mass amounts of candy, we returned for relaxing, reading, and wrestling. (Just an FYI, the candy may or may not resurface at Grady's birthday party...)

These days we have are good.

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