Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fall into History

Every year, Classical Conversations has a week called "Fall into History" week. The children dress up as characters from any time in history, and do their oral presentation on that character.

Some of the mamas go all out with these costumes. They plan for weeks, and they sew and glue. And they are super excited for this fun opportunity. And some of the mamas are like me. And I sent my husband and our three kids out shopping for a costume, almost a week after Halloween, while I was at work. And if you're thinking to yourself, "that looks like a witches costume from the clearance rack at Toys R' Us", you would be correct. But we're calling her Queen Elizabeth I.

One of the highlights for me during this picture taking opportunity was when Mario, the director's husband, started arranging people by their character's name. "Queen Esther, move to the right, FDR, a little to the left."
This is a picture of just Bella's class. They are such a great bunch of kids.

Occasionally, for science, they go out for a nature walk. In the past they have put things like leaves and sticks in a brown paper bag. This week, they were looking for "living things". It struck me as hilarious that we all just went along with the bag thing, when the items on the list were things like "squirrel, bird, rabbit, spider, cockroach"...

In other news, the cool weather has settled here for a little while. Most people can call it fall or winter, we just call it a cold front, because it goes away all too soon, and the 80's and 90's return. Tonight we started our first fire of the season. I made some Pennsylvania-style chicken, corn and noodle soup, and after dinner we sat around the fire snuggling under blankets. 

This is the part where I suggested to Bryan (in all of my photographer brilliance and experience) that he should try to take the picture without the flash. Then fire came down from the sky.

Enjoy your weekend!

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