Monday, October 29, 2012


This weekend Bryan and I went to a parents only, potluck dinner for Bella's Classical Conversations school. And it was great! There was tons of delicious foods and desserts. We enjoyed the company of friends, old and new, and chatted and laughed around the fire pit. The guys played games, and the girls held babies and talked about mama stuff. I wanna go back!
My parents came over to visit and watch the kids while we were off enjoying our grown up time. We love them! My dad wrestled, and mom told stories. They fed them, made homemade popcorn, bathed and jammied them, and did the dishes. Please come back soon!
Every Sunday night, for the past four weeks, we have been meeting with friends for a picnic at the park. We either pack a lunch, or pick up pizzas, or stop at the grocery store for chicken wings (well, not me, but others- yuck!). Anyway, just like Tuesday night -burger night, it is quickly becoming one of my favorite traditions.

They are warming their hands over their fire in the picture below. A little cold weather in Florida makes a big impact on these warm weather babies!

Oh, how I love these two beautiful friends!

And this is why you should not poop in your pants at the park: You just might have to wear your brothers bathing suit, because it's all that your unprepared mother could find in the trunk. Word.

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