Sunday, October 21, 2012

Puppy Dogs and Ferris Wheels

Yesterday was full of wonderful things that I love.
We started our morning off with a puppy dog themed birthday party. (Who doesn't love puppies and parties, right?!) My friend Heather went all out, to rock an awesome party for her handsome four year old!
 The kids made their own personalized dog collars. Actually most of the kids made one, Lilly just ate hers.

Hello,  birthday boy!

There was puppy dog face painting, and puppy dog ears to wear too.


This cute picture just makes me smile.

This was a fun game of "Doggy, doggy, where's my bone?" I see it who has it, do you?
They dug for bones.
And super party mama MADE (yes, hand made) a doggy piñata.
It was super cute, and a "real hit"... Eh hem...

And after all of that, the doggies all went out to pose by the fire hydrant, however there were so many puppies, that you can't even see the hydrant!
That evening, our super special, beautiful, favorite English friend, ever, came for a visit. She brought presents and chocolates galore, we ate dinner, and then decided to take a quick trip to a local church fair. And I must admit that I giggle with excitement at the sight of a Ferris wheel.
The evening was filled with its share of fun, including the following:
-Spending time with my dear friend who moved back to England 3 years ago
-Grady piping up loudly from the back of the car while the window was still down "Mama, why did you stop to talk to those weird people?"
-Me rolling down my window to say to the traffic director, "Oh hey! Are you the goat man?"
-Riding my all time favorite ride, sans the part where I had to wrestle Lilly to keep her in her seat
-Bella and Miss Kay holding hands on the Ferris wheel
-Screaming happily as we all went around and around

I hope you had a great weekend. Happy Monday to ya!


  1. It was lovely to spend time with YOU too, but why do the photos I took have YOUR name on them?!? I want a photographer credit ;-) The ones I took are great (I blame the camera & the subjects) but my fave is the very last one of you & Lilly.
    And gentle readers, Amy's not joking when she says there was wrestling going on to keep Lilly in the seat - it was hilarious (and I have photos to prove it, but she won't let me share them LOL). Happy days xxx

  2. What fun!!! Kay looks fantastic!! Thanks for the blog!

  3. It was a GREAT puppy party! And the Fair looks like fun!

    Oh by the way, Ethan keeps eating the candy out of our Christmas child boxes.... i think i need to get them to you asap! =) Can we bring them to church this Sunday?