Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Two nights ago, we were home bound while Hurricane Sandy went past. It was windy and rainy, which is nothing new here in Florida, but we were stuck inside for a few hours that night. In contrast to our normal rain parties, we rocked a hurricane party (which was really not all that different at all, except the kids think it is extra special, because it has a different name). We played bingo, watched a movie, snuggled in blankets, lit candles, and ran outside in the drizzle every now and then to "check the rain".

And when it came time for baths, I surprised the kids with something special. I'm sure I got this idea from someone else, although I can't credit anyone, because I can't remember who... So if it was you, thanks for the great idea!

The dollar spot at Target frequently sells glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces for a buck. I've had a few tubes of them hanging around, so I busted them out for a special hurricane party bathtime surprise. This was SO fun! Turn off all of the lights, and light 'em up! Good times.

And tonight we are praying for our friends and family in the north. We completely understand the anxious feelings that go with looking out the windows, watching trees break in the wind, and seeing backyard toys go flying over the fence and across the yard. We know what it's like to stock up on water and flashlights, to hunker down in the bathroom, and listen to every word the newsman on the radio has to say. What we don't know, is how that looks, mixed with snow and very cold temperatures. And so I am praying hard tonight for all of my northern friends and family that are braving it out.

In other news, we are full speed ahead with Operation Christmas Child. Thank you to those of you that have contributed boxes, or items, or moola. It is all so very appreciated, and we will be accepting all of those things (with a smile) anytime until Sunday, November 11th.

Here's another great OCC video, from Haiti.

Have a great week!

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