Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cold Weather Days on the Homefront

Good chilly morning to ya!
This weather has been invigorating for the residents of this house. The dogs are happily running around outside with the chickens, the kids are dressed in warm clothes and playing in front of cold windows, and eager to finish school so that they could paint. Somehow they were under the impression that cold weather equals painting, so they were set on it. It's actually a great motivator for finishing school, and cleaning up the toys.
People ask how homeschooling works with three small children. On our typical days, I usually start school with Bella, and let the two little ones play. While Bella is doing her seatwork (which is like homework), I do Grady's teaching. Lilly either keeps playing, or sits at a desk and colors, and pretends to do her own school. It works well for us. 


After her cursive work, she wanted to make a card for her friend Chloe. It might be a ploy to get out of school work for a few minutes, but I love that she so often thinks of her friends.

That's funny. I thought Goliath lost his head...

This is my favorite. It's a picture of Ms Kay and Bella. Look at their hair! I love it!

Our friend Ms. Kay came over for dinner and to hang out for a little while. The kids and Kay played games, while I got dinner ready. And I must say, one of the most helpful things a friend can do, is to have fun with my kids while I am working to get stuff done. It just allows me to move so much faster and more efficiently. Thanks so much, Ms. Kay! (And on a side note, dinner was fully cooked this time).

After dinner, we were sitting at the kitchen table, when I looked up and noticed a perfectly cool, clear sky, bringing a beautiful sunset. "Hurry, let's go watch the sunset! " I exclaimed. And we rushed to gather three reluctant kids and two dogs into the car, a drive down to the river.

When we got to the river, we couldn't see the sun. We thought we'd missed it, until we noticed that off in the distance, behind the trees we could see what looked to be the last of the sunset. We put the petal to the metal and chased that sunset... and missed it. As we disappointingly turned around and pulled onto the highway to return home, behold... a most wonderful harvest moon. We had been chasing what we thought would be great, when the most beautiful sight was right behind us. And we "oooh"ed and "ahhh"ed all the way home.

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