Saturday, October 27, 2012


This has been a busy week. And sometimes busy is not good. Sometimes being "too busy" is destructive to relationships, or disappointing to children that want their parents attention, or hurtful to ourselves when we don't make enough time to sit down and breathe and relax a little and find something to be thankful for.
This kind of busy, the busy we've had the past few days, has not been that. This has been good busy, where every night before bed, we review the upcoming events of the next few days, and are brimming with excitement.
We have been entertaining, and planning, and playing with friends. And combined with all of the other normal things that fill our days, like school, singing and dancing around the house, playing with chickens, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, and just generalized life, we've been loving this kind of busy.
Our favorite English friends came over for dinner this week. Each time they come, Mr. Keith plays the piano, and we all sing along. The kids sit on the bench beside him, and gaze up at him, so happy with his presence.
And Ms. Julie brings gifts, and while we try to teach the kids that gifts are not more important than enjoying the folks that bring the gifts, they sure do love getting some sweets!

And one of my favorite moments from the evening... (well, it wasn't when everyone was sitting down at the table and I cut the meatloaf, only to discover that it wasn't done, and then had to cook it the rest of the way in the microwave while everyone sat there waiting...sigh).

My favorite moment was when after dinner, my sweet friend Kay and Bryan and I sat around the table playing "remember when", while her parents got up from the table to play with my children. It would have been so easy for them to just sit (and stay where it was safe), but they chose to go and spend time playing and reading with my children. And that makes me smile.

Another thing that makes me smile, is the way my kids enjoy playing with them. They wrestle and play monster, and try to cover poor Mr. Keith in blankets. And after they left, the kids asked when they will come back again.

Yesterday we met at the park with some friends. One of my favorite things about homeschooling, is the ability to spend our days doing what we want, and being together. We do spend time doing school every weekday, but we chose it when it fits into our schedule. And it works for us. And I love it this way.




And in other news... we are planning a birthday party for a certain 4 year old! We've got three weeks to go, and we can.not.wait!!

 More to come tomorrow. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to sit and read my little blog. You are appreciated!

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