Monday, October 1, 2012

It's good to be home.

Happy October! So first off, we have some fun news, and some sad news. Which do you want first? Oh, ok. The fun news... Bella has lost her first tooth! It started wiggling while we were in Pa, and I was so sure it would come out while we were there, but alas, it came out on our first day home.

We are playing pretend tooth fairy here in The Buckman house. She totally knows it's me, but we are playing up the pretend. The tooth fairy's name is Corrine Elfintine, which was the name of my tooth fairy, growing up. Bella put her tooth under her pillow when she went to bed, and when I snuck in, in the night to get it (dressed in butterfly wings), I found the box, and a note she had written herself. It says (in Bella's phonetic language): "Tooth Fairy, thanks for taking my tooth. From Bella" and then a picture of me and her. And that made me smile. She has such a sweet heart. So Corrine left her a book, a buck, and a toothbrush.

Ok, so now for the sad news. While we were on vacation, something ate our two baby chicks, Molly and Poppy. We waited to tell Bella and Grady until we got home, and they took it well. There was no crying, until yesterday. Bella had a little bit of a breakdown, saying how much she missed them, and asking if they were afraid.  We looked at their pictures, and talked about life, and we're going to be ok.
Life here is back to normal, as evidenced by the following normal activities:
-We are playing with our big chickens, and eagerly awaiting our first eggs.

-Bryan took the big kids fishing. Bella gets so excited...about packing her new lunchbox from my mom. She carefully packaged some goldfish, a juice box, some gummy bunnies, and some wet wipes, and then packed snacks for Bryan and Grady. Grady, of course, was excited for the fishing.

 -Bella has been rocking no training wheels, and yes, wearing her helmet. There has been some discussion in the house about helmets...

-Grady has been playing "catch the Grady".

-We took an after dinner bike ride down to the lake, and then played on the playground, sweated, and got bitten by mosquitoes.

 And all of these things lead me to believe that we are home. And it's good to be home.

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