Tuesday, October 9, 2012

An Interview with Grady...

 Grady, almost 4 years old
(These answers are written as spoken, so it is entirely possible that they will not make much sense. Just lettin' ya know!)

Mama: Hey buddy, do you wanna do an interview?
Grady: Sure.
M: Ok, tell me two things that are special about you.
G: Python 3000 (hysterical laughing), and I fly kites.
M: (Sigh...) Ok. What are your favorite toys right now?
G: A snake and a fish net
M: What is something nice that someone has done for you recently?
G: When Bella gave me her bubble thing that makes all the bubbles.
M: What is your favorite thing to do?
G: Go fishing with daddy.
M: What is something new that you would like to learn how to do?
G: Well, I already know how to catch fish with a cast net, so I don't need to learn anything.
M: If you could be any animal, what would you want to be?
G: A bear.
M: What would be the best thing about being a bear?
G: They get to eat fish.
M: And what would be the worst thing about being a bear?
G: When the big bad bear takes my fish.
M: What is the hardest part about being a kid?
G: Dad throws the toys in the trash. That's something I'm sad about.
M: What's the best part about being a kid?
G: Playing swords, and wrestling.
M: What do you think Heaven looks like?
G: Big. It has food there. It has God there. It has Jesus there. But not Goliath. It's wide and tall. It doesn't have any fish, but Noah's ark is there.
M: What do you think God looks like?
G: Big and strong. With big muscles. Like this (demonstrating his bicep flex).
M: What do you think your wife will look like?
G: Big. Like Goliath.
M: Your wife?
G: Oh. No.
M: What will the girl you're going to marry look like?
G: Like you mama, pretty.
M: You're so sweet, buddy. Alright, what do you think daddy does at work?
G: (enthusiastically yelling) Puts the fire out!
M: And what do you think I do at work?
G: Help people feel better.
M: What is something you'll be good at when you're a grown up?
G: Being a fishing man, with a cast net. I'll keep the cast net forever.
M: How old does someone have to be, to be a grown-up?
G: Uhhh, five maybe? I don't know. How old are you mom?
M: How old do you think I am?
G: Uhhh, fifty. And dad is fifty five, because he's bigger than you.
M: Are you a good friend, and why?
G: Yeah. Because. I just am.
M: Are you afraid of anything?
G: Dinosaurs. The real ones. Not the ones made out of bones.
M: Oh, ok. Well, I think we're safe for now, bud. What could I do to be a better mama to you?
G: Nothing mom, your beautiful.
M: What about daddy?
G: He's handsome.
M: No, I meant is there anything he could do to be a better daddy?
G: Yes, take me fishing every day.
M: Ok. I'll let him know.
G: Can we be done now?
M: Sure.


  1. This boy is so sweet and funny! Maybe he'll be a fisher of men when he grows up!!! Dad and I love these interviews!!!

  2. What a sweet boy!
    Ethan saw these pictures and said "That's my friend, Grady." =)