Monday, October 8, 2012

An Interview with Bella...

This weekend I interviewed my children. I'll be posting one a day, since they are kind of long.  I try to sit the kids down and ask a few silly and a few serious questions every few weeks. We address issues that might not normally come up in conversation, like fear, hurt feelings, things they would like to see changed, etc... If you haven't read the ones from the past, like these, they can be kind of fun, and enlightening. I love getting to hear their views, their feelings, and just get to know them a little better. So here we go...

Bella (age 5 1/2)
Mama: Bella, what is your is favorite thing to do?
Bella: My favorite thing to do is to give presents. And get presents. And play with puppies. Can we have puppies on our farm?
M: Maybe. We'll see. What is something new that you would like to learn how to do?
B: Be a nurse.
M: What are two good things about you?
B: I'm special, and mama and daddy love me.
M: What is something nice that someone has recently done for you?
B: Mrs. Kathy gave us a fun tent to play with.
M: If you could be any animal, what would you be?
B: A little puppy.
M: What would be the best and worst part about being a little puppy?
B: The best would be that you have a mama, the worst would be if you don't have any kids to play with you.
M: What is something nice that you can do for someone?
B: Give them hugs and kisses. Or make them something. Like a picture.
M: What do you think Heaven looks like?
B: I think Heaven is really, really big, because God is really, really big. And I think it's really, really sparkly and pretty.
M: What do you think God looks like?
B: He's very big, and very handsome. And he loves me.
M: What is something you think you'll be good at, when you're a grown up?
B: I think I'll be good at being a nurse.
M: At what age do you think someone is a grown up, and why?
B: I think, like, twenty. Because grown-ups are really tall.
M: How old am I?
B: I think that you are twenty one.
M: Nice!
M: If you could change one family rule, what would it be?
B: I don't like that we have to switch chicken nuggets and sandwiches, chicken nuggets and sandwiches. I want to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch every day. We need to make some more jelly mama. Can you write that down?
M: If you could add a family rule, what would it be?
B: We could make our sandwiches all by ourselves.
M: Are you a good friend?
B: Yes. Because I like to help people.
M: What is the best part about being a kid?
B: That I have a mama and daddy to take care of me.
M: What can I do to be a better mama to you?
B: Give more hugs and kisses. Sit and watch a movie with us.
M: What do you like most about your mama?
B: That you're kind and sweet.
M: What does daddy do at work?
B: I don't know. Probably works out.
M: What do I do at work?
B: You help people feel better.
M: Can you think of a time that someone hurt your feelings?
B: Yeah. (We discussed the situation, although it won't be included in the post.)
M: How did that make you feel?
B: Sad. Because we are supposed to be friends. But it's ok mom. Because sometimes people just say mean things, and that's just part of life, right?
M: (Smile) Yep, that right. And do you know that you are loved, and super special?
B: Yes, mama.
M: And you know that God made you, and thinks that you are great, right?
B: Yes, mama.
M: And you know that you are needed, and a very important part of our family, right?
B: Yes, mama.
M: Alright, thanks baby. Love you!
B: Love you too, mama.


  1. What a sweet girl....what a sweet Mama!!!
    I love your interviews! It's a really great idea!

  2. Oh sweet, precious girl - SOOOO like her Momma :-) I can't WAIT to hug her (and you!) NEXT WEEK!!!!!