Tuesday, October 9, 2012

An exciting surprise!

We have been waiting for months for this special day. Every morning Bryan checks, and today we were greeted with a special surprise.

We called the kids out to look for themselves.

And then we joined in big "yey"s and "hooray"s. We weren't sure which one of our sisters laid us the special gift, so both girls were showered with all kinds of chicken love (which really equates to lots of petting, and squeezing them half to death).


We went in the house, and Bella called her best friend to tell her the good news, and Grady dropped our brand new egg on the kitchen floor. Yes, you read that right... (Sigh).

That afternoon, the kids came running into the house yelling for me to get my camera, because Henrietta was about to lay an egg. Sure enough, Henrietta had gone into the nesting box in the middle of the day, and that never happens. So we waited. And stared at her. And took pictures of her...

And when we got tired of all the waiting, and staring, and taking pictures, we went in the house. I guess a girl needs some privacy, because soon after that, she was running around the yard making a loud announcement. So out we went, and what did we find, you ask?

Behold, Egg #2. This one has been washed and is safely waiting for us for breakfast tomorrow.

And there was another wonderful sight, this evening. Bryan and the kids were outside riding bikes (well the kids were riding, Bryan was watching, and I must have been sitting on the couch, watching soaps and eating bonbons). Anyway, I went outside, and saw the most wonderful sight. Three children, all in helmets. And I had to laugh, because Grady and Lilly were having helmet-butt wars, and Bryan had set up a frisbee bridge, so every time one of them walked, ran, or rode under the bridge, they got hit on the helmet with the frisbee. See, helmets can be so fun!



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