Sunday, October 14, 2012

A list of weekend things to smile about.

1. Bedtime stories.

2. Gator games! Chomp Chomp!

3. An evening cup of decaf coffee, and a chance to sit and relax with my husband.
4. Real, authentic, fall leaves that might just be in my future!

5. Church. Oh, how I love my church. I love the preachin' and the teachin', and the singin', and the people.

6. Lollipops (or "Lilly pops" as Grady calls them).

7. Cleaning day. While I am not a huge fan of cleaning, I sure do love a clean house!

8. A Saturday morning shopping trip for the girls, while the boys were out fishing.

9.  Some beautiful FALL weather, here in Florida!

10. Picnic dinners in the park with friends.
This picture gives me a headache. Just thought I'd share... you're welcome.
11.  A new home for our friends.
12. Text messages letting me know that freshly baked sweet treats are coming my way!
13. Fresh flowers.
14. Clinique Bonus week.
15. Warm roasted almonds. Oh, how I love them. (I'll share the recipe maybe tomorrow, if you're interested. And even if you're not interested, I'll still probably share it. Just close your eyes.)
I think that's all I've got for now. Have a great week!

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