Friday, September 28, 2012

Sunday afternoon.

We are home now. We are completely unpacked. The clothes have all been washed and put away, and the suitcases have returned to their usual spot in the closet. The kids are in bed, and it's quiet, and it feels like home. And it's so good to be home.
The lack of internet access, and time to write was a little hard for me. I tend to spend a few hours every night after the kids go to bed, just reviewing the day, and writing my thoughts, and I missed my little blog.
That being said, I've got some catching up to do.
This past Sunday morning, our Amish friends went to church, and we played hookie. Normally, we have a church that we like to go to while we're there, but this time we just took advantage of a beautiful quiet morning together as a family.

We read books, sang songs, and went out adventuring around the farm. The picture below is of the farm's main house. It is just gorgeous. It was 44 degrees when we woke up, which is pretty chilly for us southerners!

The picture above is of some of the beautiful sheds this family makes. One afternoon, we walked up to the workshop and watched the Amish men work. The work so quickly, like machines, yet they smile and are so pleasant while they work. There was one morning we woke up and heard a bunch of men singing from the shop. They seem to have such joy.

After our adventures around the farm, we went to The Akron Park, for a Zell family reunion. The Zell family consists of my grandfather (on my mamas side), his brother and sisters, and all of their kids and kids' kids, etc... And just like the rest of our visit to Pennsylvania, there was lots of family fun, and lots of eating to be done.

Four siblings.
It was a good day for a women's softball game.

There is a tree planted in the park, in honor of my grandfather, for being the city mayor for 25 years. The first tree they planted died, and was replaced with this one, which doesn't look like it's doing so well either.

After the family reunion, we headed back to the farm. We played volleyball and soccer with Daniel and Stephen, enjoyed a picnic dinner outside, and got to see a most beautiful sunset.

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  1. I love the pictures of the Amish women playing softball!