Saturday, September 22, 2012

No time for words, enjoy the pictures.

Thursday afternoon, we spent some time with my cousin and her kiddos and their two new puppies, and then had a fun family dinner at my grandparents house.



Yesterday morning, we woke up to these sweet visitors at our door. Four sweet Havanese pups, and their mama were busy running all around the farm.

The kids went out and played for a little while, before we left for a lunchtime picnic and playtime at the park.

That evening, we celebrated my 33rd birthday with dinner at the world's best all-you-can-eat smorgasbord ever. It was 21 family members, and a delicious, good time!


Towards the end of dinner, my not-so-very shy uncle, stood up on a chair, and announced to the entire restraunt that it was my birthday, and invited them all to sing along to me. And they did. And I turned red. And then as the evening went on, strangers said "Happy Birthday, Amy" to me.

This morning, chores started early. The family was tilling and mowing, and weeding, and planting, and feeding and washing.

Lilly isn't fond of the smell of the farm. She holds her nose and says "it's tinky, mama".
Bryan and Grady were out inspecting the plants.

And the pups joined us again as well.

Melvin and Starburst.

Left to right: Daniel 8yrs, Eli James 11yrs, and Melvin 13yrs

This is the mama of the farm, Martha. She has the most beautiful blue eyes. We were picking string beans. She gave us a bunch to take home for dinner.

The boys were washing the buggies for church tomorrow.
That's all for now. No time for words, enjoy the pictures, and have a great weekend!

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