Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lapp Valley Farm, where dreams come true.

There is a little piece of wonderful located in New Holland, Pennsylvania. It is called Lapp Valley Farm Dairy Store. And oooooh, my oh my. It is good. It's the creamiest, dreamiest ice cream ever. Really. Truly.

The next three pictures make me smile. This girl is a hoot!


Grandpa must have felt sorry for the huge bulldog sitting on top of the table. He fed him the rest of his ice cream cone...

Bella loves cats. I am allergic to cats. Therefore, I do not love cats, nor will we ever own one. This makes Bella very sad, yet happy whenever she has the chance to pet one.

The only thing I like about cats, is their eyes. So I took a few pictures so that I can remember how they look, and hopefully I'll never have to get this close again.


 After we ate our ice cream, we walked around the dairy farm. First we visited the adorable new calves.


I've only been to two or three other dairy farms in my life, but this is the cleanest place I have seen. The cows were free to roam from grassy field, to the pen you'll see below. They look like their heads are stuck there, but they come and go as they please. The cows themselves were clean, the floors were clean, the food troughs were clean. And the cows were so gentle and sweet. If I were a cow, I would want to live here, making delicious ice cream.

If you are ever in the area, you should definitely go there. The end.

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