Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's a new day, and I'm feeling good.

Thank you friends, for your kind words yesterday.  So many of you have spoken in kindness, encouragement, and love. I sure do appreciate you.

A few days ago my dad gave me an elliptical machine. Since my birthday happens to be close, he called it my birthday gift. However, in this family, birthdays last for a month, and gifts that would normally be called just regular gifts, are deemed "birthday presents", just because a birthday is nearby. But I think he would have given it to me anyway, even if it wasn't my birthday.

Anyway, I have realized that very often clarity in thought and exercise go together, and I was lacking both. So I've been rocking the elliptical, and the muddled mess of thoughts in my head are looking much clearer. Thanks dad.

This morning, I found the box of our old crayons in the trash. My husband and I differ in many ways, one of them is that I save every little thing, for "just in case"... and he throws everything away. And while it's true that each child has a new box of pretty crayons, I was saving them for a project. So I pulled them out of the trash, and today we made a new treasure out of those old, sad crayons.

I'm sure you can find this project somewhere on Pinterest. We peeled all of the old labels off, and broke them into manageable pieces. I've seen them made in cupcakes pans (with or without liners), but a friend advised me this morning that they leave a waxy residue. So either double line them, or use an old tray that will just be for crafting, or skip the cupcake pan altogether. I lined a cookie sheet with tin foil, put the cupcake liners on top of that, and ended up with absolutely no clean up afterward. The kids filled the cups about one or two layers deep. Looking back, I would have made them deeper.

After that, I put them in the oven at 350* until they looked melty. It was probably less than 10 minutes. Check them often.

When they look uniformly melted, pull those babies out, and let them cool off. It takes a while to cool off, so you might want to go outside and play with your chickens or go fishing in the meantime.


A few posts ago, I mentioned that while I couldn't, Bella said she could tell the difference between chicks, and knew which one was which. Sure enough, Poppy is above, on the left. She is the one with the most yellow on her chest, and the lighter bill. Molly is the one on the right.
After we waited for the crayons to cool off, we ate lunch, did school, and forgot about the crayons. Before bed, we pulled them out and made surprise love notes for each other.
And now, it's late. Have a great day!

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