Thursday, September 20, 2012

Farm Livin' is the life for me.

I have a feeling these next few posts will be photo heavy, and short on words.
Yesterday morning, we woke up at my grandparents’ house. We got there a little after midnight and enjoyed a good nights’ sleep.  We woke up, shared breakfast, cleaned up, and were on our way.

We went to the city of Lititz for a little walk in the park, and a trip to the chocolate factory.


After lunch, it was finally time to check in at our new home for the next week.  We are staying on an Amish Farm, in the guesthouse. There was a loaf of homemade bread, jam, and butter waiting for us when we arrived. So delicious!
There is electricity on the second floor, which does include air-conditioning. There is no washing machine, dishwasher, phone, cable, television or WIFI, and only one closet. The first floor does have enough electricity for the stove, microwave and coffee pot, but no lights or wall outlets. There are gas lights and candles downstairs. There are three bedrooms, and two bathrooms (however since one of the bathrooms is on the first floor, there are no electric lights in it). One of the bedrooms has three big beds and a sitting room, perfect for the kids, and the other two are queen rooms. The house is absolutely beautiful, even without all of the things we are so accustomed to.

 The family we are staying with are so kind and welcoming. Steve and Martha, and their eight children have been wonderful.  They stand and chat and answer our questions, and their two younger children, Steven and Melinda,  are often outside playing with my kids.
At four o’clock each evening, Melvin milks the cow. Bella "helped" a few times, Grady and Lilly were to shy to try.
After the cow milking, we took a nice long drive, to have dinner with my grandpa and our friend Cindy. This countryside is just so beautiful.

We enjoyed a full-on holiday meal. There was ham, sweet potato casserole, stuffing, green beans, cake and pie. So good! After dinner the kids enjoyed sweeping the driveway and raking leaves. Really. I don't get it.


This morning we woke up a little after 7am. The sun was coming up, and the farm was gorgeous. The picture below was taken from the kids bedroom window.

This guy was the last to wake up. He must have been super comfy in his Amish quilt.

The family we are staying with has a shed building business that runs from the front of the property. This afternoon we went to check it out, and watch them work. They are amazingly talented, hard workers. I'm sure I'll get a few pictures later this week from the work shop.

In the front yard, there is a miniature house for the kids to play in. My children have absolutely loved playing with the Amish children. (And yes, I asked, and they don't mind me taking pictures.)

Melinda is a few weeks younger than Lilly, and they are fast friends. They walk around holding hands and sharing babies.

This is Steven, and he's 5 years old.

Tonight we go for another family dinner, and tomorrow... we celebrate!

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  1. What an amazing trip!! My Grandparent's live near an Amish town in Ohio and it is always my favorite place to go and visit. What amazing memories you and the family are making and I look forward to hearing all about it when you guy's come back. Thanks for sharing =)