Saturday, September 29, 2012

Come on ride the train!

On Monday, we visited The Strasburg Railroad. We just missed getting to ride the famous Thomas engine, by one day. There had been all kinds of tents and exhibits and fun stuff for kids to do (like meet Sir Topham Hatt), but they were tearing it down when we got there. It was all good though, because we still got a chance to see him before he left for his next destination.  
(On a side note, Grady was all excited to see Thomas, but kept saying that "we were going to get to see Mr. Thomas". When we actually got to the Thomas train, he was disappointed because he thought Mr. Thomas, his Sunday school teacher, was going to be there. Funny kid.)


That evening, we went to my aunt and uncle's house for some more family fun and dinner.

The two handsome boys above are the sons of my two older cousins. Nick and Kyle are such totally, nice boys. They have been so sweet to my kids, and my kids have absolutely loved getting to spend time with them. (You might remember, they were my ring bearers nine years ago.) 

 There was a bonfire, and a peanut/candy scramble for the kids.

This is my Aunt Harriet. She is a baby charmer. She managed to get my fussy, tired Lilly to eat her dinner, then rocked and sang her into sleepy (and quiet) contentment.

The kids rocked the jacuzzi, while the adults watched a DVD made of years and years worth of old photos, and put to music. I love the whole "remember when" thing. As much as I love to look forward, and dream about things to come, I sure do love to look back at good times past. I think it's just good for my soul.

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