Sunday, August 12, 2012

Let them eat cake!

Yesterday, I was wildly searching for school desks for the kids. I checked garage sales, furniture stores and thrift stores, but came up with nothing. Bella & Grady have outgrown their little folding table, and I was starting to worry that Monday would come without proper desks (gasp!). I went back out with Bella in the afternoon, to check the antique stores in Sanford, and found a beautiful little piece of history, exactly what I had been looking for. I almost jumped with excitement. Bella did not share my enthusiasm. She wasn't thrilled with it, and asked if we could paint it pink with sparkles. I agreed that we might do that, then told her that if she could muster up some smiles and a positive attitude, we just might have strawberries and angel food cake for dessert. Sometimes I play that way, don't judge. By the time we got home, she was eager to show it off to the boys, and the desk became even more popular when Grady wanted it for himself.

Today, we came home from church, and my search continued to find a match for Grady. I discovered a beautiful antique mall in Altamonte, that just so happened to be selling a... wait for it... pink matching desk. All problems have been solved. There is no glitter, but sister likes it. I think we should eat cake again, just to celebrate!

On the way home from the desk pickup, I asked the kids how we should decorate their new school room. Grady immediately exclaimed that I should paint the walls to look like we are underwater, and have fish swimming around us. I remained silent for a few seconds as if I was actually pondering that idea, then said "Bella, do you have any suggestions?". Her idea was "something colorful".  Perfect. We can totally do that!

We spent the rest of the evening moving things around, organizing our little classroom, cleaning, vacuuming, etc... I removed old blinds that I didn't like, and washed, ironed and replaced my gauzy curtains. I felt like the seven year old version of myself that "played school",  organized my trapper keeper three different ways, and then made up things to write, just for the sake of writing, and then tried to teach my sister how to write neatly by giving her sample alphabets to trace. (I hope my handwriting efforts with my children end better than they did with my sister. Eek!)

Anyway, I dug out the lantern decorations from Lilly's first birthday party, and hung them from the ceiling all the way around the room. I told Grady to pretend he is a fish under water, and that he is looking up at a bunch of floating bobbers. He seemed ok with that. And now we are ready to rock school!

Tonight before bed, I kind of reviewed our exciting plans for tomorrow. I told Grady that this year, he will learn to write his name, and even read a little. He smiled a huge smile, and then said in amazement, "I will learn how to write my name? And I will learn how to read?".  Oh, how I love that I am the one that will teach him those things. 

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