Monday, August 6, 2012

The choice to rejoice.

Sunday afternoon, I went outside and saw this. A grown man and two children sitting in three inches of water, in a baby pool. I smiled.

I had been feeling in a bit of a funk all day. In general, I am pretty relaxed and happy. Even when things are stressful, I can usually find something to be thankful for, and something to smile about. There was nothing in particular that was bugging me, I just felt irritated. Ever been there? Anyway, our pastor mentioned that "it is a choice to rejoice" and that phrase kinda stuck with me all day. By the end of the afternoon, I was shaking the grouchies, and choosing to have joy. We had pizza for dinner (that may or may not have helped me to have joy), and then took an after dinner trip to the pond by our house.

Bella found this duck, who had a hurt leg. She spoke sweetly to it, and fed it her bread. The duck then followed her around, for the remainder of our time.

These sweet little baby ducks eagerly greeted us. They are so cute and gentle when they are little, but grow up to be some really unattractive (and usually mean) birds. Kind of like people. We start out sweet and cute, but can sure be mean and ugly as we get older.

Before we left, the peacocks showed up. We have two neighborhood peacocks that meander all around. They are beautiful and proud. They go where they want and do what they want, even sitting on top of cars and front porch railings, pooping and scratching as they go.  They are so lovely to look at, yet still they can be aggressive, loud and mean. Also, kinda like people.

We all have the choice to be kind, the choice to be pleasant, and happy, and patient. We can choose to help others and to be loving. We can choose to smile at our children and at strangers in the grocery store.

Sometimes it's honestly hard to smile and be pleasant when I don't feel like. Sometimes it's easy to snap back, or be nasty and hurtful. But is it worth it? It's sure not how I want to be, and it's not how I want to be treated. We have the choice to rejoice in life, so let's rock it.

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  1. How true your insights are. Good thing you're raising up 3 beautiful, nice, kind, and joyful kiddos to help this sometimes-grouchy world out!