Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer lovin'.

This is just a short (un-inspirational, non-nostalgic, and quite pointless) post from our pool trip yesterday. We are so grateful to our friends that let us use their pool. Florida summers are no joke, and unless you're willing to sit in a baby pool all day (which I am not), you had better find a real pool, quickly!

As of late, Lilly's new best friends are the toys seen below, in her hand. They are Disney Princesses, but she just calls them "durls" (like girls, but with a D). She wants them with her all the time. They quite possibly could be replacing the neshy. The neshy is not seen here, because when we got to the pool, she wanted it off. Things are a changin' round here, folks.

 She's surfin' in the rain. Good old Florida, where the sun shines, even while it's raining.

Hey girl! Wanna go for a ride? We're going to a party!

This is what a three year old boy looks like, acting like an alligator. Be afraid.

 Lilly "surfs" too, but requests that daddy go and pick up her durls for the ride.

Happy Tuesday to ya! Roooar!

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