Saturday, August 4, 2012

Special delivery.

There was a knock at the door yesterday, and two boxes were delivered. Bella and Grady were so excited. There was one box for each of them. I didn't expect them to be so joyful about the box's contents, but I'm so glad they were. They were screeching and jumping up and down.

Their curriculum for the new school year has arrived, and we are ready to rock it! Pre-K for Grady and First Grade for my big girl, Bella, who informed me last night, that she no longer wants to be called "Princess", but that "Cowgirl Bella" would be fine. Then she practiced saying it in many different ways, so I would know what she meant. "Hi, cowgirl Bella" "my, what a pretty dress, cowgirl Bella" "I sure love you, cowgirl Bella", etc... She makes me laugh.

Yesterday was a cleaning day on the homestead. I think I did one hundred (or six) loads of laundry, dusted, cleaned, etc... The kids played well together, and helped a little, but there was nothing really exciting or fun or special about the day. So after dinner, we cleaned up (again), and went out for a special treat. If you know us, you know that sweets are VERY rare in our house. The kids just don't get sugar very often. (Please note, I said "the kids". I said nothing about Mama!)

Bella and Grady wanted ice cream, so we went to a little ice cream shop nearby (with a giant pack of wet wipes) and enjoyed a deliciously messy time.

Bella chose strawberry cheesecake, and Grady chose some sort of chocolatey fudge. I gave Lilly a scoop from Bella and Grady's and her own cone. She didn't even notice she had almost no ice cream.

Ice cream cheers!

I love spontaneity, and doing something fun, just because. It cost all of four dollars and an hour of our time, but it made their evening special. And they are special kids.

This morning my two bigs were up bright and early, busy planning games. This one is a Discovery Toys game, that my sister and I played when we were little. Good fun, good memories. And it makes me smile to watch them playing the same game. I'm just on a nostalgic roll lately...

Happy weekend to ya! Enjoy your day!

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  1. That's where that game is! I was wondering about the location of that game the other day. I'm so glad that you have it. I thought that it became one of the yard sale regrets. It makes me mad when I remember something that I wish I still had and realise that I sold it years ago for pennies in a yard sale!
    What a cool (or cold) thing to do....go for ice cream.
    I heard your Dad cracking up in the office. He was looking at the pic of Grady, so excited for his school books.
    Again, another great post! Thanks Amy!