Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ramblings of the day.

This morning we went for a walk downtown, and to a used bookstore. My baby insisted on wearing this skirt. I opened her drawer and pulled out a pair of shorts. She was standing there beside me, and looked at the shorts with a frown. She struggled to reach into her drawer, saying "gert, gert, gert". I held up the tutu, and said "this?", and she nodded with a smile. So a gert it is.

This tutu was Lilly's gift from Bella when she was born. Bella had picked it out, wrapped it up, decorated the box, and brought it to the hospital to meet Lilly for the first time. For this reason, I have no problem if she wants to wear it forever.

This boy declared on arrival, that he would not be smiling today. I said "Ok. That's perfect. No smiling, please. Seriously, do not smile. I mean it." He smiled, sort of.

 Tutu cute.

We came home for lunch, without the books I was looking for. We did school successfully (two at a time) woot woot, and then played cars. This is Mimi and Pappy (below).

And these two are Papa and Nana.

Grady asked if there were any fish in this pond (on the rug), and I told him to look closely.

Our garden is still rocking the peppers. The ones on the left are purple peppers, and we have no idea what the ones on the right are. The plant was given to us as a seedling.  The peppers start out yellow, then turn orange and then red. And they are sweet!

Bella's best friend called her this evening, to ask if she would babysit her bunny for a few days while they are on vacation. (There was prior parental consent.) You would not believe the squealing and jumping and excitement that followed that phone call. My girl just relishes taking care of animals.

Grady and Lilly on the other hand are not sweet and gentle like Bella. Lilly is clumsy and Grady is loud. Bella was quietly calming the bunny, and Grady comes running into the room yelling "Mom! Gracie dropped a deuce on your rug! Mom!! There's deucage on your rug!" Ohhh, son of mine.

Tonight the bright and sunny sky turned dark. Strong winds blew, thunder rolled, lightning flashed, and the rain came down. We turned off the lights, lit candles, opened the curtains, and turned the music up. We sang, and watched the storm. I have always loved a good storm (when I'm safely indoors), and knew early on, that I wanted my children to enjoy the same. I don't want them to be fearful. So we hoop and holler and clap for pretty lightning and loud thunder claps.

I came home from work last night, and found 18 white roses (on the table above) waiting for me. How sweet it is, to be remembered and loved. Goodnight.

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