Friday, August 31, 2012

Product Review: Cheeky Lime Camera Bag

Between the hurricane and the Republican National Convention, FedEx could not move fast enough! My early birthday present finally arrived, and I am so excited!

In the past, I've carried my camera around, wrapped in a scarf and stuffed in my purse. While this (so far) has been a fine situation, I've worried about the safety of my camera, and it's not big enough to include my extra lenses. I've steered away from using my Nikon camera case, because felt like I was advertising the fact (to would be robbers) that I was carrying around an expensive camera, and possibly most importantly, the camera case is not cute.

So the best case scenario, all of my camera safety dreams come true, perfection in a bag, exists... here. On my kitchen table.

This beautifully dreamy bag comes from Cheeky Lime. It's made out of nylon, so I imagine any yucky messes would wipe right off. The interior is padded, to keep my baby safe, with movable and removable Velcro pads to accommodate all kinds of lenses, diapers, lipsticks, etc...

It comes with a cute little pink camera charm and a detachable little pouch for batteries, photo cards, more lipsticks, cash, credit cards, etc... There is a zipper pocket on the back, and snap closure pockets on the front and both sides. The top opens with a double zipper, so it is easy to open one handed. It also comes with a detachable shoulder strap, that I forgot to photograph, but it is equally functional and cute.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with this product. I think it is great quality for the price, and it meets my needs of functional safety, space and cuteness. Thank you Cheeky Lime (and Bryan)!

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