Friday, August 3, 2012

Oh, home on the range.

When we originally planned to get the chickens, we intended for them to stay in the space on the side of the house that we call "the side yard". It's kind of purposeless and out of the way, but it has plenty of room for two chickens. Somehow, they turned into free range chickens, even though this range of ours is small. Several times a day, we would have to clean off the back porch, because they literally poop all.the.time. Constantly. And it is gross. And as much as I enjoyed watching them walk and fly and peck around all over the place, I was beginning to regret the fact that we could no longer walk around outside in our bare feet. So things are a changin'. 

Bella made up some plans for a portable fence, and was in charge of overseeing the operation.

Bryan and Grady were in charge of the manual labor. (Lilly was napping, and I was in charge of documentation and bringing water, in case anyone is wondering.)

Lilly woke up from her nap, sweet as can be.

Bella was giving the girls pep talks and instructions about their new living situation.

And Lilly was "helping", which really means, taking the screws out of the box, and hiding them in the grass.

First thing this morning, the little mama was out there checking on her babies. She was singing to them "the chickens on the bus say peep, peep, peep" and other fun songs.

Stampede on the chicken run!

This picture, makes me smile. This piano is over 70 years old. My grandmother bought it at least five years before she met my grandfather in 1946. The hymnal that sits on it was hers. She played in the church, and there are handwritten notes on the pages of that book that I cherish.

When Bryan and I bought our house, we finally had room for this piano, and oh, how I begged my mama to let me have it. I really wanted to move that baby into my own house. Eight years ago, there were a few minor scratches on it that had all been covered with Old English. We had it tuned, and the gentleman that tuned it told us what great shape it was in. My plan was to take lessons, and learn how to actually play it.

But life moves fast, and I never made the time. Now it is covered with dents and scratches from years of children driving cars on it (as I shout "fingers only, please!"), crawling on it, and crashing into it. And no matter how often I clean it with Old English, it never looks the same.

I never took my lessons. But my children try to play it, and one day they will take lessons. And hearing them play on this very special piano, is better than any music I could have made.

While it's just a piece of furniture, it has so much meaning and value to me. I remember my grandmothers hands on these keys. I remember the way she looked on Sunday mornings, playing in the front of the church. I remember my own mama teaching me the basics on this piano. So while it is just wood and ivory to most, it is wonderful to me.


  1. I love how the kids had a part in the project.

    On Sunday Bella and I were chatting and she was telling me about your new property but that you couldn't move there yet because you need to get some cows and horses first. =) I love her priorities.

  2. I love how Pearl Girl is "helping" in her pearls :-)
    And the piano isn't just a piece of furniture - it's a piece of your family history & has been played by at least one other talented pianist besides your Grandma;) Lovely memories :-) I love those photos you took of Grady & Lilly both looking at him in the same pose a couple of years apart :-)

  3. Oh my, your Grandma June would sure be honored to share her piano with those babies. She would have just adored those children, I know because she adored you and Becky. You two kept her alive much longer than she would have lived without you. She wanted to be with you as long as possible. Now Jesus is taking care of her. I miss her everyday and am so thankful for my sweet girls and grandbabies!!!

  4. I love the way Bryan teaches the kids by including them in his projects. He's a great dad!