Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Like Clay.

The last time my parents were here, my dad brought some modeling clay for the kids. This morning, in an effort to avoid leaving the house, I thought it would be a good time to break it out. We kneaded and pulled and rolled and folded that yellow clay, until it was soft and moldable. It made me think of people, and how we can be so hard hearted and set in our ways, but yet God is able to knead us, and mold us into something beautiful, to be used for His glory.

Bella decided to make a boy and a girl, and accessories for them both. Grady made two snakes. One was a "corbra snake" all wound up in a pile, and the other was just a regular snake. And Lilly made the eyeballs for all of our subjects.

The boy and girl accessories include a soccer ball, a purse, and a camera. The glow-worm/Michelin man/baby in a blanket, was my special creation for Lilly. It is lovely. Don't judge. We popped them in the oven, and then watched them cook for a half an hour.

When they were done, I handed Lilly her special new baby. She cradled it, kissed it, and rubbed it on her cheek (just for good measure). And for a brief moment in time, the new baby replaced the ever popular durls. Bella and Grady were equally thrilled with their special projects, and my mission to stay occupied for the morning was successful.

After lunch, Lilly took her nice, long, 2 hour nap, and the bigs did school. Bella wanted to start the learning off with a song. So we sang songs for a bit, before getting down to business.  Oh, she makes me smile. While she may just have been procrastinating, I love her spirit. And I'm always game for a song.

These past few days, I am noticing new aspects of Grady. He really wants to learn. He tries his best, he sits still and listens to instruction, he gets excited, and long after his portion of school is over, he is still sitting and listening to what Bella is learning. He watches her, and then mimics what she does. Today when I put his cursive paper in front of him, he noticed his name written at the top. He looked at me with a huge smile and said "that's my name!" His enthusiasm excites me, and makes me want to teach him more.

After school, the rain moved in. So we threw yet another rain party. These are seemingly daily occurrences, lately. So it was lights off, candles lit, blinds wide open, ect... We usually sit at the window and watch the rain. Today the chicks had gotten out and were running around the yard in the rain, so we chatted with them about the weather for a few minutes.

We played hide and seek, and rocked some board games.

After the rain slowed down, we played outside for a little while in the drizzle. The weather was beautiful, and even, dare I say, cool?! Tonight was one of those very brief, but tangible moments, that I was actually aware that Fall is on the horizon. Oh Fall, please come soon.

The kids came inside, soaking wet, and went straight upstairs for a warm bubble bath. They played, and giggled, and I sat on the floor reflecting on our really enjoyable, low-key day. There are definitely days that I feel rushed and stressed all day long, and like I'm barely keeping it all together. There are days when the kids don't get along, and everyone ends up with an injury of some sort. And there are days that at some point everyone has cried, or is crying simultaneously. Today was not one of those days. Today was good. It was slow, and easy-going. There was much laughter and singing, and no injuries.

We had time for extra stories tonight, and we read a bunch. Please notice Grady's hand in the picture below. He was telling me that some horses are wild, and in that case, we need to "catch them with a really, extra big fishing net".

Lilly loves nighttime praying. She prays and prays. And of course we can only understand a few of the words, but God knows what she is saying.

I was putting Lilly to bed, and when I came out, I found these two in Bella's bed, just giggling and snuggling. I pray that my children would continue to be sweet and loving, tender and soft hearted. I pray that they would be moldable like clay, and that they would be used by God.

Yet you, Lord, are our Father.
We are the clay, you are the potter;
we are all the work of your hand.
 Isaiah 64:8 (NIV)

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