Wednesday, August 8, 2012


This morning we tallied the votes, then made a list of of how many votes each name received. Bella was so excited to hear each of your answers, and loved hearing who they were from. Thank you for joining in our little project.

Once we had our names chosen, we went to the feed store to pick out our new babies.

Molly                           and                          Poppy

They are called Black Sex Links (also called Black Stars) and are a cross between a Rhode Island Red rooster and a Barred Rock hen. They are excellent egg layers, producing 5 eggs per week on average. These babies were born on July 31st, so they are only eight days old. They are already very loved, well handled, and very well taken care of.

Tomorrow is our 9th wedding anniversary, and we celebrated tonight. Bryan's parents watched the kids, and we went to dinner at 4Rivers. We have been wanting to try it out, and do something a little different this year. I often forget how nice it is to have a date with my husband, to just be able to sit and have a conversation. It's one of those things in a marriage that is so important, yet at least in mine, it is so hard to make a priority. We need to work on that...

Anyway, after dinner we went back to The Buckman house. And after some reading, playing, dancing, and talking, there was night-time swimming. Hooray!

Please notice the "durls" and the pearls, together again. A big "thank you" to my inlaws for letting us enjoy a wonderful night out, and for loving our babies so much!


  1. What an exciting day at the Buckman house and Happy Anniversary to you both!!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful family life with us, I adore your blog Amy =) Molly and Poppy are sure to LOVE their new home.

  2. Welcome to the family Molly and Poppy!

    Happy Anniversary Amy and Brian!