Saturday, August 11, 2012

Inside, or in the water.

So, summer in Florida is hot, that has already been established. I think everywhere is probably hot right now. When it comes to how we spend our days, my top two choices are usually to be inside, or in the water.

Yesterday we met our friends at the splash park, for some fun in the sun and a picnic lunch.

The alligator.

Bella decided this was a spider web, and climbed all the way to the top.

Grady thought it was a "fishin' net for really big fish".

And my smallest adventurer tried to hang with the big kids, but only got about a foot off of the ground.

Oh, how my big girl makes me smile. She is my little sprite. She loves to dance, and doesn't care who is watching.

First thing this morning, she was up checking on the chickens. She carefully points out which one is which. And while I look at them, and see no difference, it is very possible that she has found something special about each one that will identify them.

I can not imagine my life without these three little bundles of energy. They are a constant source of entertainment and so many smiles. Oh, how I love them.

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