Monday, August 27, 2012

Tropical Storm Isaac Watch.

Last night the rains started, and it's still raining. Other than a steady stream of drizzle or straight up rain, this tropical storm has been harmless on this homefront. So far, we haven't had any strong winds to speak of, or anything else that would make me want to batten down the hatches and herd my children into the downstairs bathroom with some water and a flashlight. 
While I know many others are not having the same mild experience that we are, for us, the worst part was not really being able to go out and enjoy the wonderfully cooler temperatures.

So today our rainy day activities included:
1. Staying in our pajamas all day.
2. Bella "teaching" Grady and Lilly. (And no, I do not stand like this when I teach!)

3. Arts and craftin' with water colors.

Look how clean my sweet girl is... it won't last long.

Bella made a rainy day picture.

Grady made about seven pictures all with black snakes, all looking very much the same. There were  mama and daddy snakes, and baby snakes. And they were all named Ka.
A little for the painting, a little for me...

4. Homeschool.
5. Making chicken, corn and noodle soup for dinner. It wasn't as good as my mama's, but it was close!
Happy rainy day to ya. Stay safe and dry!

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