Monday, August 13, 2012

Constantly moving.

Oh, the constant ebb and flow of life. It's always moving, always changing. And sometimes it's so easy to be swept away with what's coming next, that I forget to just sit still. I think that's one of the things that I love about toting my camera all over the place. In the evenings when I sit down, I find myself reviewing the day, unhurried and still, and I notice things that I may have missed in my daily rush. I'm more liking to really see the look on Bella's face while she's holding the chicks, or the way Lilly and Grady were full-on belly laughing at each other. Life moves so fast, and part of me so desperately wants to remember it, and embrace every moment, while still progressing onward.

Today was the first day of school at The Buckman House. Bella is starting first grade, Grady is rocking pre-K, and this is our third year homeschooling. There are definitely moments when Bryan and I can't believe our children are "this old" already, and that we can't believe that we are "this old" already. Time keeps on moving, doesn't it?

In proper Buckman style, we celebrated today. This morning the bigs ate their breakfast on the special celebrate plates. We took first day of school pictures, including one in the classroom and one on the doorstep, like all proud mamas do. They got to choose our dinner for their special day, and they chose pizza (big shocker).

This is Lilly's sun in the eyes smile.

This morning we went to "meet the teacher" and orientation for Bella's Classical Conversations school. Bella was nothing but excited smiles when she found out that our good friend Mrs. Kim is going to be her teacher. We can't wait to get this year rolling, and are looking forward to learning a whole lotta fun stuff.

On the homeschool front, this is the first year that Grady has real curriculum. Last year we did a 3 yr old lesson plan with him, but it was mostly coloring, and tracing letters, etc... I have to say, teaching both of them is going to take a little adjustment, but thankfully the first week or two start out pretty slowly, and Lilly still takes long afternoon naps, which gives us some quiet time.

After our pizza dinner tonight we met some friends at a Fro-Yo place for dessert, to continue on with the celebration. Please say Fro-Yo with me, because Bryan thinks it sounds dumb, but I think it's catchy. And I keep saying it over and over.

The Menchie Man was the hit of the evening. I think the kids enjoyed his entertainment more than the Fro-Yo. He went outside, and 5 kids were glued to the window (Lilly was under the table). He came inside, and they mobbed him. They laughed hysterically at his antics, and danced with him. Good times, yo.

And while these children rarely hold still long enough for me to get "a good picture", sometimes a blurry one with only half the kids looking, is enough to remind me of the howling laughter and the energy that went along with that moment. And we keep moving on.


  1. Fro-Yo, hahahaaaaa! I love your style, Amy. :)

  2. Happy happy first school day!!! Fro-Yo, what a hoot! I'd be with Lilly under the table when the Menchie Man comes around. What does Menchie stand for anyway?
    Another great post Amy!!!!

  3. Hope your school year goes smoothly and successfully! <3