Friday, August 31, 2012

Product Review: Cheeky Lime Camera Bag

Between the hurricane and the Republican National Convention, FedEx could not move fast enough! My early birthday present finally arrived, and I am so excited!

In the past, I've carried my camera around, wrapped in a scarf and stuffed in my purse. While this (so far) has been a fine situation, I've worried about the safety of my camera, and it's not big enough to include my extra lenses. I've steered away from using my Nikon camera case, because felt like I was advertising the fact (to would be robbers) that I was carrying around an expensive camera, and possibly most importantly, the camera case is not cute.

So the best case scenario, all of my camera safety dreams come true, perfection in a bag, exists... here. On my kitchen table.

This beautifully dreamy bag comes from Cheeky Lime. It's made out of nylon, so I imagine any yucky messes would wipe right off. The interior is padded, to keep my baby safe, with movable and removable Velcro pads to accommodate all kinds of lenses, diapers, lipsticks, etc...

It comes with a cute little pink camera charm and a detachable little pouch for batteries, photo cards, more lipsticks, cash, credit cards, etc... There is a zipper pocket on the back, and snap closure pockets on the front and both sides. The top opens with a double zipper, so it is easy to open one handed. It also comes with a detachable shoulder strap, that I forgot to photograph, but it is equally functional and cute.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with this product. I think it is great quality for the price, and it meets my needs of functional safety, space and cuteness. Thank you Cheeky Lime (and Bryan)!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Welcome to the 21st Century!

Dear Buckman Family, welcome to the 21st Century!

Somehow on Sunday, Bryan lost his cell phone at church. After about thirty minutes of searching (full on, hands and knees, searching) we gave up.

I have jokingly called our phones "dumb phones", because they are not smart. Not even a little bit. They send texts when they're in the mood, they receive texts when they feel like it, and there are absolutely no hoops that these phones will jump through for us. They stink.

So I called the company an asked them to put Bryan's account on hold, and while I was on the phone, the guy mentioned that we were due to resign our contract soon, and that we'd be eligible for discounts on new phones. Hoorah!

So long story short (too late), we are now the proud owners of our first smart phones. And boy, oh boy, are these things smart?! I can talk to them, and they listen, and understand. And they know where I am at all times, even if I don't. And I'm only beginning to figure out all that we have been missing, even if we didn't know we were missing it. It's crazy. And it's fun.

But tonight, we were at the mall, and the kids were playing in the play place, and we realized something. We were both sitting there, staring at our new fandangled pieces of technology, and while we were physically present with our kids, we weren't really even paying attention to them. It's true, the 21st century is a great place to be for many reasons, but I can already tell that I will need to be proactive in choosing to put that thing away, and to be present with my family.

In other news... today I asked Bella what she wanted to eat for dinner. She said "pizza".  I said, "Eh. We just had pizza the other night, and I don't think dad will want to eat pizza again." She replied, "Well, dad just needs to learn that you get what you get, and you don't get upset." I smiled, and stifled a laugh, and then we made pizzas. (And dad was fine with it.)



Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hide and Seek.

Just a quick "hello and good morning".
Go on out and play some hide and seek today, it's fun.


I just realized that Grady looks like he is crying in the picture below. Maybe he didn't want me to find them... I should have looked longer. Thankfully, Lilly has a plastic banana, just in case anyone gets hungry while I'm looking.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Tropical Storm Isaac Watch.

Last night the rains started, and it's still raining. Other than a steady stream of drizzle or straight up rain, this tropical storm has been harmless on this homefront. So far, we haven't had any strong winds to speak of, or anything else that would make me want to batten down the hatches and herd my children into the downstairs bathroom with some water and a flashlight. 
While I know many others are not having the same mild experience that we are, for us, the worst part was not really being able to go out and enjoy the wonderfully cooler temperatures.

So today our rainy day activities included:
1. Staying in our pajamas all day.
2. Bella "teaching" Grady and Lilly. (And no, I do not stand like this when I teach!)

3. Arts and craftin' with water colors.

Look how clean my sweet girl is... it won't last long.

Bella made a rainy day picture.

Grady made about seven pictures all with black snakes, all looking very much the same. There were  mama and daddy snakes, and baby snakes. And they were all named Ka.
A little for the painting, a little for me...

4. Homeschool.
5. Making chicken, corn and noodle soup for dinner. It wasn't as good as my mama's, but it was close!
Happy rainy day to ya. Stay safe and dry!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rained out.

We had big plans this afternoon. We were going to escape the rain of Tropical Storm Isaac, and hide out in The Orlando Science Center with Bryan's parents. Apparently everyone else in central Florida had the same plans... The parking lot was full, and we would have had to walk a good distance in the rain to get in... so instead, Bryan's parents came over to our house for lunch and playing. And we were so happy to have them.

There are not many things that I can think of, that I appreciate more than family. I love just being able to sit and talk, and relax, and be myself, and enjoy their company. Bryan and I are so blessed to have parents that love us, and love our kids. They make time to hang out with us, they are interested in our lives, they are supportive, and we are thankful.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

A cell phone and a durl.


Our little chicks are growing up. They are losing their baby fuzz, and their feathers are coming in.

That is Molly, above with Grady, and Poppy with Bella. I know that because Bella told me so. And Bella continues to be the chick whisperer. She holds those little babies, and before you know it, their eyes are closed. And she so sweetly looks up and says, "look mama, they're sleeping".

Grady and Lilly still have some learning to do in the gentleness category. Today I looked outside, and saw Grady standing beside the pond, holding the chick above the water, "so she could see the fish"...

Our big girls still have at least another month (or two) before we will see any eggs, so we wait.

This afternoon, I was making plans to go grocery shopping, making my list, printing coupons, etc. Bella had some spending money that was burning a hole in her pocket, so she offered to go with me, and requested to take her shopping cart. She has been asking for a cell phone, and a new "durl". (I guess that is the new name for them now in our house.)  Bryan kept the littles, and the two of us had a special mama-Bella date. As we were pulling into the parking lot, the sky turned dark, the winds were blowing, and the rain was hot on our heels.

Since it was raining outside and we had no other plans, we took our time. Bella carefully scoured each toy aisle, looking for just the right toy. She only had $13 to spend, which limited her choices. She couldn't find what she was looking for, so we moved on without her items.

Usually when I take all three kids to the grocery store, it becomes a race to see how fast I can get in and out of the store, before someone has to go potty, or someone is hungry, or someone is not sharing, or everyone wants to get out of the cart and scatter... so today it was nice to just spend some quiet, alone time with my girl. We walked slowly, talked, and looked at whatever she wanted to look at. She helped me plan and shop for dinners, and fruits and veggies for snacks. She asked me over and over, "is this a healthy choice?" and that made me smile.

As we were waiting in line to pay, she checked the little toys in the lane (the ones that are intended to suck parents into buying one last thing before you exit the store). And sure enough, there were cell phones and mini Barbie princess girls. And she smiled huge smiles as she pulled out her own money, and paid the cashier. She collected her new toys, tucked her receipt into her bag,  pulled the plastic bag onto her shoulder like a purse, and proudly walked out of the store, pushing her cart full of produce. Then we talked on our cell phones to each other the whole way home.