Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Once upon a time, a daddy tomato and a baby tomato were on a walk. The daddy tomato was in a hurry, and had places to go. Baby tomato was lagging behind and only wanted to dilly-dally, so daddy tomato squished baby tomato and said "ketchup!".

Right now I am feeling like that baby tomato. Not the squished part, but the lagging behind, needing to catch up part. I have three overflowing hampers to launder, a kitchen to clean, and if I really thought about it, I'd think of much more to list.

Saturday, I did a baby shower photo shoot for the sister of a friend. It was a totally different experience than I'm used to, going to a party where I only knew one person, and being responsible for preserving the memories of someone I didn't know. The decorations were gorgeous, the food and cake looked amazing, and the guests were a fun bunch of lovely smiling and happy faces. The mama-to-be was absolutely beautiful. I had such a fun time, and totally enjoyed getting to capture that moment in time.

Saturday afternoon, we went to a family pool party BBQ with Bryan's family. Bryan and I reflected on the way home about what a great time we had, how perfect the weather was, how we love seeing our children playing with their extended family, and just how blessed we are.

This was Lilly's first corn on the cob. Once she got the hang of it, there was no getting it away from her. She chewed that thing until there was nothing left.

Sweet second cousins

There was a little alligator in the pond that had plenty of attention.

Grady was worried that the alligator wanted to come eat his corn.

What is he so serious about?

 He is busy making giant bubbles, of course.

This guy is not so serious!

These two had so much fun running and jumping into the water.

Bella has been perfecting her cannon ball.

This girl loves accessories. Whether it be jewelry, other people's shoes, or fantastic eye wear, she wants it... and won't give it back. Don't even think about it.

Oh, this life we have is sweet. It's funny and messy and silly and sometimes there is laundry to do, and kitchens to clean, and lots of "ketchup" to do, but life is so good. We have so much to be thankful for, and we are so richly blessed.

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