Monday, July 16, 2012

I've got sunshine, on a cloudy day.

This weekend was a hot one. We are so blessed by sweet families that share their community pools with us, especially on these hot days.  Two adults and three children all squished in a baby pool on our back porch, is just not pretty. The Florida summer sun can be unrelenting, as in, it feels like you are breathing through a hot sponge, and you can feel your skin actually burning if you stand still long enough. So we are so thankful for some extra fun spots to cool off.

I showed Bryan the picture below, and said "can you guess what he is doing?". "Being an alligator" he said. Which of course, is correct. He spends the majority of his pool time crawling around pretending to be a some sort of ferocious animal, sending the girls shrieking away.

It's just not a fun day at the pool unless there is crawling, growling, chasing, shrieking, splashing and stomping. Oh, the life of a boy.

This girl, on the other hand, prefers to take a few plastic animals with her. She sits quietly and plays with them. She carries them around like babies, and talks to them.

And my sweet Bella Grace dances in the water. How beautiful, to be carefree and unconcerned with the opinions of others.

This past Friday, we turned in our rental car, and now we are down to one car until we find another. My parents came and spent the weekend with us, which was such a huge help. My dad, Bryan and I spent the better part of two days going car shopping, while my mom stayed home with the kids.

I never thought this process would be so difficult. I have such a hard time spending my hard earned money on so many dealer fees, and taxes, and just overpriced-ness. And I hate playing all the games. The whole dealership process reminds me of a time share presentation. The first guy you meet is super friendly, tells you all about his family, and is seemingly interested in you. Then, just to get a price, you have to sit down and wait while he talks to his "boss". Then the boss comes out and shakes your hand, and then the two act like you're crazy when you are not thrilled with their over priced shenanigans. It stinks. And I want to rebel against the whole system, but the truth is, we need a car. And the Craig's list option isn't great either, because we really have no idea what kind of maintenance the car has received, and it has also proven to be a waste of our time.

So in the meantime, we will probably try to rock the one car family situation, until we find what we want. We just refuse to be pressured into buying something that is not what we're looking for, or that is more than we want to pay.

(It should be noted, that when I say "I" in the above paragraphs, it represents the feelings of both Bryan and I. It's the whole two become one thing, and thankfully, we both agree on these matters.)

In other news, our garden is pepperific!

Our chickens have gotten so big. It's hard to believe that we have only had them for three months. They really are friendly. They come when we call them, and all except for the one occasion of pecking at an eye, they are so gentle. The day is quickly approaching, when we will go out to find our breakfast eggs waiting for us.

Friday night, an hour past bedtime, I went up to check on the kids, and found Grady sound asleep in his bed, with the lights still on. Why yes, I did take the opportunity to take rare sleeping baby pictures. Sleeping baby pictures make me smile, and think about how much we have, and how blessed we truly are.


  1. I love your blogs, Amy! They are so inviting, and comical at times, bringing a smile to my face...but always, always I can see the love you have for your family and for Christ. Thank you for sharing. :-)

  2. We hated the dealerships too! We bought our van from Stoll's Carriages (149 S Volusia Ave, Orange City, FL 32763) They are a little place near the Orange City Library and sell cars that have only had one previous owner. We had a good experience with him.

    We are a one car family at the moment too.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation, Melissa. I wil check them out! :o)