Saturday, July 7, 2012

Independence Day!

This year,  we started our Independence Day celebration with a Brunch-B-Q with our Bible Study group. A Brunch-B-Q is really just a fancy name for brunch on the Fourth of July. There were twelve adults, and twelve children, and a whole lotta fun and good food.

On the way home from our brunch, we made a spur of the moment decision to go to Melbourne for the evening, to enjoy a real Bar-B-Q (with actual barbecue meat), swimming and fireworks with my parents.

Here's a confession: I LOVE fireworks. I actually get excited, days before a firework viewing event, about seeing the fireworks. Some nights, if I happen to leave work early, I can see the Sea World fireworks from the parking garage, and that is a happy thing. I also love taking pictures of fireworks.

Disclaimer: If you don't like fireworks, or pictures of fireworks, you probably will find no interest in the rest of this post.

We are the family that sits and says "oooo, aaaah, pretty" with every single boom. My kids like fireworks too, although this year, it took Lilly a few minutes to warm up to them.

We sat right on the bank of the Indian River, and probably couldn't have gotten any closer to the fireworks, unless we were actually sitting in the water. The weather was warm and muggy, but had such a pleasant coastal breeze.

I was so thankful that we got there early, as the place was packed behind us. We found a secret little spot that was relatively spacious, and we had great parking spots for our getaway. (All of these things are important to the crazy girl who loves fireworks.)

Go ahead, you can say "oooo, ahhh, pretty" if you would like. Enjoy the show.

And while I normally would have some very heartfelt thing to say about how this day is not just about barbecue and fireworks, and how much I love our freedom and appreciate those who have fought for it, right now while all of that is true, I am thankful for the freedom to blow these beautiful things up, and the freedom to sit back in the warm breeze with my family, and enjoy it. Amen.


  1. Beautiful fireworks pictures!

  2. What a beautiful night. Cool breeze, fun fam, and amazing colors in the sky!!! Not to mention the exciting adventure driving home!!! One of the best July 4ths ever!!!!!

  3. I finally figured out to comment! Love you blog!

  4. What wonderful firework pics!!! Did you tinker with them to get those effects? I'm also TRULY relieved to see that Pearl Girl has new pearls :-) I can sleep easy again at night xxx

    1. I was wondering if you would notice the return of the pearls. I did edit the pictures some. I mostly increased the blacks to get rid of the grey smoke in the background, which makes it all look more bold.

  5. This is great! Thanks for sharing your fireworks show!