Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Feelings, nothing more than feelings...

I've been doing a lot of thinking about emotions and feelings the past few days.  As humans, we have this beautiful way of communicating, and conveying our deepest feelings with others, through genuine emotion. And whether that is a smile, or a tear, or a "Hip hip hooray!" or an outright sobbing on the shoulder of a friend, it's there, and it's so important to our relationships.

We rejoiced with our friends this weekend, as they moved to their new home. We spent the day packing and unpacking, laughing and sweating, cleaning and truly enjoying the friends we have. And while I unpacked never ending boxes of kitchen items, I remembered how we were friends before we were married, and before we had kids and houses, and pets, and rediculous amounts of kitchen gadgets. And it is so good to have those friends in life, and to be able to sincerly rejoice with them in life changes.
While their parents were busy putting the finishing touches on their new home, we got to watch these sweet children for a little while.

One of my very favorite girlfriends was due yesterday, with her fourth baby. And I seriously can't wait for this baby to come. It's a surprise as to whether there's a baby girl or a baby boy in that belly, although I'm guessing girl. While I find the last few weeks of pregnancy super exciting when I'm the one actually having a baby, I am surprised at how excited I am for this sweet new friend of mine to arrive. Hurry up baby!

As much as we have to be happy and excited about around here, I've also been feeling so heavy hearted for our friends Daniel and Nicole, and their precious baby boy Kingston. Kingston is scheduled for brain surgery on Wednesday, to separate the left side of his brain from the right, in order to eliminate the debilitating seizures he has been suffering from. I truly can not imagine what these parents are going through right now. Their lives have been such a beautiful testimony of faith and trust in a God that is in total control. (If you'd like to read more about their story, and about baby Kingston, click here.) But oh, how my heart breaks for this family. I would sure appreciate it if you would join me in prayer for them over the next few days and weeks.

We have such a wonderful opportunity in this life, to be present, really truly present, in the lives of each other. To let ourselves feel pain and heartache, sorrow, grief, joy, peace, happiness and excitement is part of being alive. And to share in those feelings with someone else, is beautiful.


  1. Another beautiful post. You have become a woman who is lovely and wise. I'm thankful that you are my daughter and friend.

  2. Thanks mama. I'm thankful I'm your daughter and friend too! xoxo