Sunday, July 8, 2012

Caught up!

As of right now, I am officially caught up. My kitchen is clean, the house has been dusted, and the laundry almost is done. It's a good feeling, however I am fully aware that by noon tomorrow there will be sticky spots on the table and dirt on the floor. That's just life, right? And it's good.

Yesterday we celebrated the second birthday of a sweet little friend. My kids would live in a pool if they had the opportunity, so they were super excited to go to a pool party on such a hot day.

Lilly was quick to steal the birthday girl's brand new pool floaty, and then didn't want to give it back. Thankfully the birthday girl didn't mind.

She's my little cannon ball queen.
I love the conversation that is going on in the picture below. I have no idea what they are saying, but they look like three little grown-ups sitting and having a discussion. That is, except for the fact that most grown-ups wouldn't sit in a pool having a discussion, with a party hat on, and cupcake icing smeared all over their face.

Tomorrow we find out the fate of the Jeep. It has been at the Jeep dealership for a week and a half now. It turns out that the PCM was bad, and needed to be replaced. After that, they were able to figure out that...wait for it... it needs a new engine. Shocking. After 200,000 miles, and catching on fire, it needs a new engine. So the insurance appraiser is supposed to be at the dealership tomorrow to make a decision. I'm honestly not totally sure what the decision is, but I think it is whether to replace the engine or scrap the car.
In other news, we close on the property in EIGHT days! I'm feeling a celebration coming on!  

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