Sunday, July 29, 2012

A super long, random Saturday post.

This week I bought a new camera lens. I only share this information, because it means a few things. First of all, it's gonna take me a few weeks to get used to it, and there may be several blurry pictures as a result. My apologies, in advance. And second, my poor children will be photographed at all moments, just so I can practice. I'm sorry, Lilly.

A few days ago I heard Lilly, wake up from her nap, crying and screaming hysterically. I rushed in to check on her, and found her sitting in a puddle of pearls. She sobbed "neeeeshie, nooooo". So that afternoon we had an emergency neshie repair time, and while my box of jewels were out, Bella asked to make a neshie of her own.

Yesterday, I just needed a few things from the grocery store, so instead of making the ten to fifteen minute trip to Target, I opted for a quick trip to Wal-Mart. I am not a fan of the store, and the kids aren't either. Oh, how they pitch a stink over going to "War-mart". I think part of it is the fact that there are no free cookies, and also that the sterilizing wet wipes are always empty. (We're guilty of sterilizing the entire cart any time we go anywhere.)

In an attempt to make the trip a little more fun, I took Bella and Grady's spending money. They have been saving their allowances for a few months, and had accrued over twenty dollars each.

Grady wanted to buy a cast net, but the cheapest one was thirty dollars, so we kept looking. Then we found his dream come true. A "big net to catch really fast fish", for only ten dollars. And since we don't have any beach plans this weekend, he has been catching everything in the house; stuffed fish, my cell phone, hair brushes, and his sisters.

Bella chose a princess doll house, and spent almost all of her spending money on it, but she is having so much fun with it.

I was doing laundry when Grady came running into the laundry room, acting all rushed and frantic. He said "Mom! Come quick! You're gonna miss the animal parade". So I followed him, and found this. An animal parade, of course. And those animals paraded all over the house.

Over the past few weeks, I've been really purposeful about getting on the floor with my kids. So much of their day involves playing, building, pretending, etc... on the floor. While I would rather snuggle on the couch, or watch them play from my desk, what they really want is for me to be present with them, on the floor. (And I'm not talking about playing Sleeping Lions, although it is such a good game for tired parents!)

So yesterday, since I was practicing with my new lens, I let B&G take a few pictures of our activities on the floor.

There was snuggling and tickling.

There was a handsome bear prince who was waiting for his girlfriend, the princess, to arrive, followed by her loyal pet sheep.

Then the prince, the princess, and the sheep went back to the castle to get married.

The prince had to wait outside while the princess was getting her wedding dress on.

And they lived happily ever after.

That afternoon, my grandpa and mama came over for dinner and a little visit. Grandpa and Grady played "catch the fish" for a good ten or fifteen minutes. At one point, grandpa looked at me and said "how much longer can this game go on?". Welcome to my world, grandpa!

Oh, how we love this man!

In a twist of ironic fate, the chickens now chase the dogs. And when the chickens chase the dogs, the dogs run into the house and hide under the table. And I find myself laughing.

Do you like seafood? See food, haha.

Our good friend had her baby yesterday evening. A sweet baby boy, and we rejoice. As it turns out though, we have our own rejoicing to do here at the Buckman house. When it was bedtime, Grady informed me that he now had a wife and a new baby. He didn't know where his wife was, but here is his baby. And he informed me, that I was now a grandmother.

Her name is Baby Hokey. Or maybe it's Hokie. Isn't she lovely? I heard him tell her, "don't worry baby Hokie, your grandmother likes to take a lot of pictures." It's good to let her know from the get-go, ya know?

This morning, he took his baby to church. And then she went into the baby pool with him. I'm beginning to think he'll make a wonderful father. I'm just not too thrilled on the idea of being called grandma.


  1. I love your family!!! You are so fun to read about - I am late getting ready for my day because I couldn't pull myself away from the post about your fun adventures with your kiddos. :)

  2. So cute! Lily's expression in the picture of all of you on the couch is just hysterical! What is that girl up to? :)