Saturday, June 16, 2012

All the colors of the rainbow

Today I was feeling crafty. On the way to the craft store, I told the kids that they could each pick out something to make for Bryan and their grandfathers for Father's Day. Before we even got there, Bella already had in her mind what she wanted to make. She described it to me in detail. She wanted to get colored paper to make flowers out of, and green pipe cleaners to use as stems.

We walked in the door, and Grady immediately chose his items. In the front of the store was a box of all kinds of summer items, and most important of all, sun catcher fish with googlie eyes. He was hooked, and his search was over.

Bella found the pipe cleaners, which apparently are now called "chenille stems". Very fancy. Anyway, there were so many choices. She got a little side tracked looking at tiger striped chenille stems, and ones with purple sparkles, but I reminded her of her mission, and we were successful.

Grady pulled a package of bright, multi-colored poms-poms off the hook to show her, and I watched the little gears in her mind turn. "Do you think we could make the flowers out of these?" she asked. And I smiled. "Of course".

Both girls were drawn to the feather boas. We didn't bring any home today, but I think I'm gonna have to come up with some kind of craft to use them in.

Bella and Grady both have spending money that they earn for doing their chores. Today Bella wanted to use her money to buy presents for the fathers. Normally, their spending money would be used for silly things that they want, like stuffed sharks. I told her that I planned to buy the gifts today, but she insisted that I bring her money so that she could buy the gifts herself. And then she insisted on carrying that zip lock full of dollars and change all around the store.

She smiles at things like boas and fabric, and that makes me smile too. She is so interested in the different colors and patterns, and textures.

After Joann's, we went to Home Depot for a few more Father's Day gifts. The garden center is always a big hit with the kids. They love having so many bright and beautiful things right on their eye level. They sniff flowers, chase butterflies, and run away from the bees.

We went home and had lunch, and then started on our projects. Bella's pom-pom flowers look adorable. I am so proud of her creativity and imagination.

The grandfathers are getting boy colored flowers, and Bryan is getting all the girl colored ones.

My parents came over for the rest of the weekend, which we love. We made pizzas, told stories, and played with the chickens. Grady wore this costume for a good 3 or 4 hours today. He even ate his pizza in it. These here, are good times.

Before bed, we had some decorating to do. The kids made a Happy Father's Day sign to hang up with some balloons.

It should be noted, that I do not normally have half naked children sitting on my kitchen table. After they play with the chicks, I usually have them change their clothes, but tonight it was almost bedtime, so two out of three just remained undressed.

Tomorrow is Father's Day, and we are so super excited. We are having a celebration cookout with both of our families, and we can't wait!

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  1. Very cute Amy! You do such a great job capturing each child's special spirit! I enjoy your blogs very much!