Thursday, June 7, 2012

This just in...

Yesterday was a big day in the Buckman house. We have the long term goal of owning land and having a farm. And yesterday, something that seemed so unlikely and far out of reach, happened. We made an offer on a piece of property that we have had our eye on for a few months, and our offer was accepted.

I can not say enough about how much prayer has been put into this decision. We have made a few (very costly) mistakes in the past, and did not want to make another. Through our expensive lessons, we have learned that truly God's ways are best, and we do not want to be ANYWHERE other that right where He wants us to be. Even if that means we stay right where we are for the rest of our lives, we would rather be following Him here, than living on a farm on our own.

Last night, after we signed and sent the contract, ate dinner, did a celebratory dance, gave the kids baths and jammied up, we drove out to the property. We stood there, quiet. We smiled huge, grateful smiles. And we prayed. We thanked God for his provisions in our life, and we prayed that this land would be used for His glory.

We woke up this morning and it was still raining. It rained all day yesterday, through the night, and into the morning. While I do love the rain, and rain parties, and singing in the rain, I breathed a heavy sigh this morning when I saw more rain. I would have liked to get out of the house today, and do something with my little bodies of rapidly metabolizing energy.
So we painted under the tent on the back porch. I didn't feel like cleaning up a painting mess inside the house, and I knew paper would get soaked and fall apart, so they painted the tables.

And then Lilly painted herself.

Bella made a rainbow with a sun and flowers. Grady and Lilly made an underwater coral reef. As you can see, soon Grady's painting excitement was over, and he was back to thinking about frogs.

He has recently started picking out what he wants to wear, and most of the time, I go with it. Today, it was his "number 1 Thomas shirt from Miss Kay" and camouflage shorts. Sure, why not?

We usually bring the chicks out for a few hours a day to get some exercise and eat some bugs. These girls crack me up. I think they know that Barkley can't get to them through the door, so they tease him. They stare right at him and peck at the glass.

My friend Cherry reminded me that chickens like corn, and I'm so glad she did. A few days ago, we fed them corn for the first time and they loved it.

This guy is my little tomato picker. He brings them to me, so proud of what he has, helps me wash them, and lay them out to dry, and then proceeds to eat them all over the course of the day.

Bryan asked me how I will feel when it's finally time to move into our new house. My immediate answer was "super excited!". But then I actually thought about his question and said "knowing me, I'll probably be a sobbing mess the whole way there". As much as I want the whole farm thing, I can't imagine leaving the home that we have spent almost all of our married life in, and brought our babies home to. While it's just four walls, concrete, stucco, and paint, we have made so many beautiful memories here. Thankfully, I've got a good amount of time before I need to start worrying about saying goodbye to the walls. For now, I'll just continue with the celebratory dancing.

Happy weekend to ya!


  1. LOVE THIS!!!! Reading what God is doing in your lives is totally amazing! and continuing to give Him glory is what He wants . . . another reminder to me that He is always in control and He answers prayers to the ways He sees fit!!!
    Congratulations on your land purchase . . :)
    So exciting . . . .
    Love you guys!

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