Thursday, June 28, 2012

There she goes.

 Almost two weeks ago, we celebrated my Jeep's 200,000th mile on Sunday, and the next day, parts under the hood started cluncking and melting and smoking, and eventually not running. Since it will probably need a new engine, along with other things, and we didn't want to invest a lot of money into it, we decided to just have it towed to the junk yard.

We called the insurance company to find out if they covered the towing, and how to get the car removed from our insurance plan. The representative informed us that we could file a claim for free, and an adjuster would be out to look at the car, possibly cover the expense of a totalled/unfixable car, and in the meantime, pay for a rental car for us to use.

Well we have been waiting since then for the adjuster to come out and look at the car. This morning, the event we have been waiting a week for, finally occured. 

In my mind, I envisioned the guy attempting unsuccessfully to start the car, then lifting the hood and smelling the stench of melted parts. Then (in my vision), he would get out his checkbook, and write me a small check, for which I would be very grateful.

Well, today we were rushing out the door to meet some friends for a picnic at the park, and sure enough, here he was. He looked at the car, took pictures, and then said that the car has been too well taken care of to call it a total wash. So instead, they would have to tow it to a mechanic for diagnostic testing, to see if the problem is fixable, and for how much. 

But eventually, we made it to the park.

In the afternoon, we heard a rumbling outside, and we ran out to see that the tow truck had come. Bella & Grady were excited to watch, and asked a million questions.

I love how they are almost identical in their posture and how they are holding their hands.

Bella: Where is he taking mom's car, Grady?
Grady: I don't know, Bella.
Bella: Why don't you have any clothes on, Grady?
Grady: I don't know, Bella.

There she goes. Bye bye car. We will miss you. Sniff sniff.

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