Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Painted Lady.

This morning we awoke to something new.

Our caterpillar has emerged from her cocoon, as a beautiful Painted Lady Butterfly. A few days ago, she was black and white, hairy and full of rolls. Now she has added brown and orange to her color. She is dainty and delicate. Her wings are paper thin, and her legs are long, tiny spindles. Even her facial features are completely different. She is perfectly formed, and she is lovely.

I can not fathom how that happened. I can't imagine how a physical body process makes those changes over just a few days. It is truly a miracle to me.

There are so many ways that I could relate metamorphosis to my own life. Whether it be spiritual, or physical, or emotional, or relational, all things in life change and develop and grow. I would love to think that my life changes are progressing like those of the butterfly, that I am becoming more and more beautiful, however there are days that I am much more caterpillar than butterfly.

I rest in the knowledge that I am a new creation, designed and made in the image of God, that He knows the plans for my future, and that He has created a good work in me, and one day it will be complete (and butterfly like).

Today there was a lot of car drama going on at our house. We celebrated my Jeep's 200,000th mile on Sunday, but today when smoke puffed from under the hood, we decided it was time to say goodbye, and stop trying to fix it. Sniff sniff. Until we buy a replacement, I am driving a pretty little white 2012 VW Passat rental car.  And while I thoroughly enjoy driving something shiny and new, I would still choose older, paid in cash and needing a few repairs, over a car payment.

Our last car was a BMW 330i. It was beautiful, sporty and fun. But it came with large monthly payments, and as much as I enjoyed the car, I did not enjoy the feeling of it owning me. There is freedom in being "debt free except for your house" as Dave Ramsey says, and we are grateful for the lessons he taught us.

All of that to say, with all of the car drama, today we were landlocked. Bella decided to make a library out of our living room and playroom. She lined up a bunch of books on the couches, and had a children's book area and an adult's book area, and also a place for the "little ones to play, in case they get bored". She makes me laugh.

This is her librarian's desk. She is very busy, and "please, don't make too much noise in the library".

Today I'm thankful for growth and changes. I'm thankful for babies, that like butterflies, are growing up and becoming their own special people. I'm thankful for my painted lady that shows me beauty in life, and that there are blessings that come through change.

And I'm thankful for all the miles with my Jeep (and that I didn't die while driving it)... sniff sniff.

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