Monday, June 11, 2012

Our not-so-routine trip to the beach.

Today we decided to enjoy the sun with a trip to the beach, before the rain comes back again this week. We did the normal pre-beach routine; pack up, eat lunch, start driving, take naps in the car, etc... but today, we stopped for a few new sights on the way.

One of the items on my 2012 bucket list, is to walk to the top of this lighthouse. I have only ever seen it from the beach, but today while we were exploring the area a bit, we found it. And now I am really excited to go back. There is also a marine science center, a museum and of course, a gift shop, where I would probably be able to purchase a tasteful magnet for my fridge.

Last time we were at the beach, we began discussing whether or not we actually need to take the tent and the chairs. So this time, in a move for new found freedom, with reckless abandon, we left them at home. If you know me, you know that this is a big deal. I usually plan for every occurrence, and every possible "just in case" and consider myself a skilled packer. Whether it be a picnic lunch, or a diaper bag, a beach bag, or suitcase, I usually have everything I could ever need. But today, our load was light, and it was nice.

There is something beautiful about these three babies growing up, and not needing the shade from the tent anymore. It's wonderful that they are becoming more independent, carrying their own things, and walking instead of riding or being carried.

Doesn't everyone like to drink hot coffee at the beach in 90 degree full sun? Thank goodness for the "and more"!
Some other new things today, Bella and Grady got new "surf boards". There's something about saying boogie board that just sounds ridiculous to me, so if they want to call them surf boards, I'm ok with that. These new boards are adult sized, so they had a bit of learning to do. When we got to the beach, Bella put hers in about 2 inches of water, stood on top of it and waited for some surfing to happen. Grady was most interested in dragging his around like a dog on a leash.

Bryan spent a good amount of time with each of them, teaching them how to ride a wave and keep the tip up, and eventually, they got the hang of it.

One of my sweet friends mentioned that we "rock" a lot of things on this blog, and she wanted to know if we really say that in real life. The answer to that is yes, we probably "rock" way too many things in our house, just being silly. It came from the lyrics to the 80's song "we're gonna rock down to Electric Avenue"... We regularly change the lyrics to songs in our house, making them our own. For example: instead of "baby come back. You can blame it all on me, I was wrong..." we sing "Grady come back!" or an example of rocking things, we sing "We're gonna rock down to, homeschool Avenue, and Bella's doing her cursive". All of that to say, that I am now being mindful of how much rocking is going on these days, and I think I've had at least two or three posts rock free. But that is about to change...

Big sister *rocked* her surf board. She was a little scared in the beginning, but after a time or two, she was going farther out to catch bigger waves, and kept wanting to go back for more and do it again. If you read yesterdays post, you might remember that I am looking for ways to build her confidence, and also to make sure she knows that I am confident in her as well. Today was a great opportunity to encourage and praise her, and remind her that I know she can do hard things.

Grady liked his new board, but was more interested in going fishing. No big surprise there.

The rest of our trip fell right back into the old swing of things. We ate our normal, routine fruit salad for snack, finished with our normal showering and changing, and went to our favorite delicious Mexican restaurant for dinner, and came home. It was a beautiful day.


  1. Speaking as one who "rocked" the climbing of the lighthouse, I highly recommend you DON'T do it with 3 children in tow, especially little Pearl Girl (I LOVE how she wears her pearls even to the beach!). It's very narrow & hard to negotiate with people randomly going up & down (& you know how some of those visitors aren't entirely what one might call slender!). It's also VERY hot & stuffy. Anyway, it wasn't so much the going up that I found hard, as the going down. My thighs & calves were in agony & I'm surprised you don't remember me moaning about it for about 4 days afterwards! Well those are my thoughts on the lighthouse - Good Luck.
    And I'm totally with you on NOT calling surf boards boogie boards :-)

  2. mine are not yet big enough to go in the lighthouse in st Augustine , they really want to go in it . and our family rocks and is super :)