Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Day at the Beach

On Thursday, it looked like it would be a clear day, so we packed up and headed for our most favorite beach. We go to a little spot called Ponce Inlet. It's nestled right between Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach. The sand is soft, and firmly packed, so it's easy for the kids to walk on. The waves are fairly small and gentle, and perfect for little loves who are trying to keep their balance.

We've been coming here since I was pregnant with Grady, and we've got this beach trip down to a science. The packing, and transporting, and unpacking, we rock it.
Bella likes to carry her own things.

Who knows what kind of trouble these two are planning!

As soon as our feet hit the sand, there is no stopping these little water babies. They run straight for the ocean.

Insert Baywatch theme song here. "I'll be ready..."

We realized on this trip, that these little kickboards have gotten too small for Bella and Grady. I think we'll need to get some bigger ones before our next visit.

For the past few years, we've kept the same routine. We pack up the car, eat lunch at home, and then head for the beach. The kids take naps in the car on the way there. We unload and play for a while, and then have a snack.

This tent has served us well, but we're thinking about skipping it next time. When the kids were younger, we could keep them shaded and cool under the tent. Now I can only keep them out of the sun and water if I'm feeding them.

We saw a pod of at least five or six dolphins, which was really fun.

This is at the end of the pier. The long walk to the end is amazing. The wind is so loud, you really can't hear anything else. It's one of those times, that you could sing your heart out, and no one would hear you. The pressure of the wind almost forces you to breathe as deep as you can. And the mix of the breathing, and singing just makes me happy and thankful for life.

There was a huge school of fish swimming where we were playing. They would collectively dart around our legs, and most importantly, away from Grady's bucket. They taunted us. Bryan and Grady tried over and over, unsuccessfully, to catch one. While we were packing up to leave, a man with a net came down. He caught a whole bunch of fish and very kindly gave two to Grady to put in his bucket. The fish eventually went back to live with their schoolmates, as we could not "fill our pond with saltwater so they could come live with us. Pleeeeease??".

The rest of our Ponce Inlet routine is as follows: pack up our stuff, lug it back to the showers and bathrooms, rinse the toys, shower the children (complete with shampoo and soap), change our clothes, get a little dressed up (in a public bathroom), and go straight to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner.

There is something so wonderful about sitting in a chilly restraunt, after a long hot day in the sun, and gorging on chips and salsa, and delcious food. The kids eat well, and mind their manners, as they are hungry but relaxed from a full afternoon. We dance and clap in our seats to the music, and end perfectly, a wonderful day at the beach.


  1. I love Lilly's pearls!!! I have noticed them in other pics and think they are great!

  2. What a great day you had, I should get directions from you it looks great and not too crowded. The kids are getting so big. Thank you for sharing your family with us.

  3. I love how Lily STILL has to wear her pearls at the beach. What a classy chica she is :-) She also has a fine collection of sunglasses! You've also made me start craving decent mexican food!

    1. Oh I spelt Lilly wrong! Sorry :-(