Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Activities from a rainy day...

We started this morning with school, which brings me to the exciting fact, that we only have five more lessons of Kindergarten. I've been trying to extend it a little, because last year, she kinda got out of the swing of things, and didn't want to start back up in August. So we've only been doing about four lessons a week, but the end is now in sight. Part of me is looking forward to not having a daily lesson, but the other part of me is busy thinking about what we can be learning over the summer.

It seems so strange to think back over how this school year started. She was reading three and four letter words, and now she is reading and writing paragraphs in cursive and print. She can tell time, add and subtract, and is doing some very basic algebra. And the wonderfully, crazy thing is that Bryan and I taught her all of that. While I know she is capable of learning new things, it's just awe inspiring to actually watch it happen.

The butterflies have formed cocoons, and are now hanging from their new home. Appearently we lost one yesterday, while I was work at work. Bella said Bryan accidentally smooshed one, so now we have two.

This sweet little girl is such a sleeper. When she wakes up in the morning or after a nap, she just happily rolls around in her bed chatting and singing. She's got such a sweet little spirit (most of the time).

What? What are you looking at?
The rain started this evening, and so started our rain party. It's a tradition here. We turn out the lights, light some candles, turn on the radio, pile up the pillows and watch the rain. The storm tonight was a doozy. I heard 55-60 mph winds were verified at the airport about a mile away.

We had breakfast for dinner, and ice cream for dessert, and were having a great time playing, until my tent died. Oh dear...

Goodnight to you!


  1. the tent looks like a smashed spider!!!
    maybe the next one should be anchored.
    another great post. loved the pic of Lilly with the marker and her beads. what a hoot!